Who are they, figures from the Dubai Mall waterfall?

It so happened that it was a waterfall with divers for pearls became a visual symbol of Dubai Molla. Perhaps this is the most colorful structure in the mall, and it can see every visitor for free. We will talk about him in this article.

Where exactly in Dubai Mole are waterfalls

In the southeast corner of the shopping center. This is the opposite corner of the entrance from Metro Bridge (entrance from the subway). 30 meters from the waterfalls is the ice rink rink.

Facts and numbers

In fact, this is not one waterfall, but at once two. They do not differ from each other, and you can safely watch any of them.

Each of the waterfalls is a cylindrical design with a diameter of 30 meters. Waterfalls pass through all four vertical levels of the shopping center, total height – 24 meters.

An interesting fact that in 2008 during the opening of the TRC Dubai Mall of these waterfalls was not yet. They opened only a year later in 2009.

The main distinguishing feature of this waterfall is the figures of jumpers made of fiberglass. The creators planned a stunning game of light, and partially managed to implement. However, about flying down the little men will talk in detail below.

According to the creators, the waterfall should be covered with daylight from atrium and windows. For dark time, special illumination of different colors is provided.

our tourists have this waterfall does not cause any stormy emotions. Usually you hear the phrase: "Well, yes, beautifully," but no more. This is not surprising, since he thought about the indelible effect on the representatives of the Arab nations. Have to decipher the whole symbolism.

Why do the Arabs have admiration

Waterfall reflects the beauty of water. As we remember, the Arabs lived in the Arabian desert until the 6th century. Water for them is beautiful in any manifestation.

Tourists ask: "Why it is precisely pearl catchers?"All simple. This is a reference to the history of the Arab Emirates.

Once the oil has not yet mined, local soils were incredited, and the diet of local residents was limited to fish, seafood and camel meat and milk. The remaining foods were imported.

The only source of wealth for Emirov was a pearl who mined the swimmers in the Persian Gulf. Pearl catchers depict the originality of the United Arab Emirates.

Near each waterfall put out palm trees, which should remind visitors an oasis. The image of an oasis in the minds of ours is much significant. But for Arabs is a symbol of well-being and prosperity. For these reasons for Arabs, this is not just a waterfall, but also an important cultural symbol.

What to pay attention to tourists

The first is the game of light on figures. It is not so easy to see, since most of the time, the straight rays of the light on the figurines of divers do not fall. Need to wait or backlight in the evening, or direct sun rays from the atrium. Most of the day of the figure of pearl catches look gray and boring. But if you wait, then look a very beautiful sight.

Who are they, figures from the Dubai Mall waterfall

Only some tourists notice the next moment, but he is very curious. Note the photo on the right. Look more than and how the figures of divers are attached to the design? What is it like?

The creators of the composition could not but notice and not see the analogies. It is difficult to say whether it is done so specifically, and is there any special meaning in this.

Examination of the waterfall takes no more than 5 minutes, another 5 minutes tourists spend on photographing. This attraction can be boldly called "fleeting". If you want to enjoy the view of the waterfall longer, then several cafes, snack bars and restaurants are located nearby.

Several of them offer places overlooking the waterfall, Burj Khalifa Tower and Dubai Fountain. They have a nice to sit in them, enjoy the views and relax. Unfortunately, your wallet will told.

For example, in the next cafe TWG TEA tea tea worth 50 dirhams of the UAE, juice – 25 dirhams, simple soup from 30 dirhams, and salad from 40 dirhams. Such prices for the Dubai Mall shopping center are quite typical.

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We wish to spend a good holiday in the UAE, and read our interesting articles about this country (Links below).

Who are they, figures from the Dubai Mall waterfall

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