Who are these Americans?

The handful of people seeking freedom for themselves and their religion in the new world came out under the sails of the famous English ship Maiflauer (Mayflower), and after 65 days they reached the Atlantic shores of New England, the Cape Code coast of North America. 1620 became significant in the history of the formation of a future world power, despite the fact that not far from Cape Henry in Chesapeake Gulf (the east coast of the United States, Virginia) on the island was already founded first in North America. Permanent settlement of Europeans (1607.).[/ CENTER]

Picturesque road playing by the colors of the outgoing autumn leads directly to the cape of the deposit of the first interlocks.

Surroundings of Provinstown.

After some time, new ships began to arrive from England, with the first king of Jams’s repressive policy.

Nowadays, tens of millions of residents of the United States have at least one ancestor from the pilgrim fathers. And every year, on Christmas Eve, America marks the second date of his birth. Fathers-pilgrims landing day, known as the day of the forefather.

The first settlement of Europeans in New England is very honored and now.

Who are these Americans

Now on the shore of the Gulf Plymouth Bay founded the participating historical park – Plymouth Plantation (Plymouth Plantation).

Here and part of the cliff on which the foot of the European and recreated ship Maiflauer.

The whole program is accompanied by volunteers, despite windy weather and a small number of visitors, volunteers properly offer their assistance in learning American history and tell those facts that are not mentioned on self-education benches.

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