Who are the modern Egyptians

In many books and on Web sites, they write that the modern population of Egypt is Arabs that have no relation to the ancient Egyptians, nor to the great pyramids, nor to the Sphinx. But is it? How modern Egyptians Arabs? How many of them, what kind of faith are they talking in what language? Tell me in this article.

Population of Egypt

Unfortunately, the population data is very inaccurate. The last census in Egypt was in 2006, then there were 72 million people.

The following years (from 2007 under the current year) were calculated based on the emerged trend. If the calculated coefficients coincide with reality, then in 2021 more than 100 million people live in Egypt.

Year Population Source numbers
2006 72 798,000 Last census of the population
2017 97 000 000 The official statement of the Central Agency for Mobilization and Statistics of Egypt, based on calculations
2019 101 200 000 Calculated figure
2020 102 330 000 Calculated figure
2021 103 815 000 Calculated figure

The population of Egypt grows about 1.8% per year. If this trend is preserved, then approximately 2037 the Egyptians will become more than ours. However, Egyptian demographers believe that the population will no longer grow at such rates, this is hampered by social, economic and political problems.

Egypt is one of the youngest countries in the world, the average age – 24.8 years. And there is nothing surprising that the Egyptians in the walking Pandemic Coronavirus were almost not affected. Currently (April 2021) they have only 12,000 dead from Coronavirus for 103 million people. It turns out 116.5 per million, and for comparison in Russia – 703 per million. feel the difference!

The overwhelming part of the territory of Egypt is a lifeless desert, and 95% of the population is concentrated along the River Nile and in Delta. Population density in a huge delta – 1500-2000 inhabitants per square kilometer.

90% of Egypt’s population profess Islam, these people are called "Egyptian Arabs". The remaining 10% confess the Orthodox Christianity, they call themselves "Copts". It is the Copts that consider themselves the true heirs of the ancient Egyptians.

The remaining ethnic groups are few (less than 1%): Nubians in the south, Berbers in the West, Baja in the south-east. Also in Egypt now there are many foreigners for permanent residence, mainly Europeans on pensions. There are no accurate estimates of these people, but according to World Factbook CIA of them about 0.4%.

Who are the modern Egyptians

In terms of culture

From a cultural point of view, they are Arabs, they will not argue here. 90% of the country’s inhabitants confess Islam. Country called "Arab Republic of Egypt". The official language is MSA (modern Arabic), but they are talking to their dialect in everyday life. We were told about this in detail in the article "In what language the Egyptians say".

Moreover, Egyptians are the most numerous Arab nation in the world. And the Egyptian dialect is the world’s most massive dialect of Arabic.

However, the tendency towards the distance of Egyptian society from the Arab world is clearly traced now. More and more Egyptians call themselves no "Arabs", but "Egyptians". And the word "Arabs" they use exclusively to residents of the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf.

From the point of view of genetics

And from a genetic point of view, modern Egyptians are far from Arabs. Next, we will give figures obtained as a result of research: Doron Behars (2010), Brenna Henna (2012) and Daniel Schreiner (2014).

So, according to the composition of the genes, modern Egyptians:

Percent Where
Arabs 26.4% The result of Arabic conquest in 7-8 centuries
Levantius 25% Here are in mind the peoples of Libya, Syria, Jordan, Israel. Related peoples
South Europeans 16.7% As a result of migration to Egypt, Greeks after the conquest Alexander Great, as well as during the Roman Empire
Kushiti 13.8% These are the peoples of Ethiopia and Somalia. Related peoples
Berbers 12.6% North Africa’s Indigenous Population. Related peoples
Black Africans 5.4% Controversial moment. There is even the opinion that the true ancient Egyptians were black Africans

Can modern Egyptians consider themselves to be arabs? The question is open. On the one hand, the Arab share in the Genome. On the other hand, it is only 26.4%. Given these numbers, it is better to provide them with the right to solve themselves – the Arabs they or not.

Low percentage of Arab genes is quite logical. Arabs-conquerors were not numerous, they took good preparations more, and also actively used the soldiers of the soldiers of the already conquered peoples. Arabs did not have the opportunity to displace the local population. The arabization of the country passed and managed rather at the cultural level, and not on the genetic.

The problem of statistical confidence

We want to pay attention to that there has not yet been a single large-scale study of the genome of modern Egyptians. All data obtained on the basis of very small samples – hundreds of man. When a large-scale study is still conducted (from 10,000 people), then the genome data may be different.

Who are the modern Egyptians

But while Egypt has no money for similar scientific research. In the country a huge unemployment, many other political and economic problems. Egyptians are not now genetic studies.

But with DNA cats everything is much easier!

It turns out that all our cats and cats – Egyptians and Egyptians!

In 2017, the results of the study of the Genetic Group under the leadership of Claudio Otton were published. It turned out that all our cats originated from Egypt.

It is in Egypt who still in the Stone Age were domesticated cats Felis Silvestris Lybica. Sailors took them to ships to protect food supplies from rodents. So Egyptian cats spread throughout the world. Genetic studies prove this theory.

It is interesting

– Remember that the resorts and the rest of the country are two different worlds. At the resorts will never see the life of the present modern Egyptians. To see, best go to Cairo. Read our articles "From Hurghada to Cairo and back" and "from Sharm el-Sheikh to Cairo and back";

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– Although the Copt Christians and make up only 10% of the population, their holidays in the country are official. Namely: Christmas, Easter and bright Monday. Details in our article "Holidays in Egypt".

Have a good holiday in Egyptian resorts, and read our interesting articles about Egypt (List of articles below).

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Who are the modern Egyptians

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