Who are such geisha in fact

"Move in the same pace, making small steps to the bottom of kimono trembing. Running woman should impress the wave crashing about the sandy coast, "said Mameh from Memoirov Geisha Beginning Sayuri. Who are these "Guy", from where they came and why men are also geisha.

Art People

Rather, the "art-person" – so translated from Japanese two hieroglyphs, sounding like "Gay" and "Smia". Gay-Sha is wrong, in Western. And still in Western count Geish prostitutes. It is a myth. Geisha – Advanced and Thinner. Soul for money. Sublimation of Kurtizanka. Incomprehensible as hieroglyph, and simple, as the new day offensive.

In the first approximation – the mixture of Tamada and the psychologist. In the second – the embodiment of the male dream. Japanese dreams. And she is not prosaic, like the whole culture of the country of the rising sun. Comprehend it – the art that Geisha learn all his life. The main commandment is infinitely causing a man without losing dignity. Be "tender, like a flower, and flexible as Iva". Open and mysterious. Naive and wise. Channel and inaccessible. Live doll. Madonna and whore. Perhaps Geisha – the embodiment of not only Japanese male dreams.

She is not like that

The first geishas were men. Unbelievable but true. True, they have fun not women, but all the same men. Not in the sense. Male Geishes were simply shifts ("Hocheng"), who, Budraja fantasy guests with obscene songs and jokes, prepared them for a meeting with Yuzo – Japanese prostitutes. But soon women … began to lose men. In the company of boring night butterflies, adept Japanese men were sad. And then the role of Geisha for the first time and a very successful woman hits. Casan-san from tea house Ohia in Tokyo district "Red Lights" Yoshivar. Former Kurtizanka.

The first geishas were men. Unbelievable but true

And in those distant times – in the middle of the XVIII century – not all geishes were "victims of public temperament". From the very beginning they were divided into two categories: Siro-Gayusi ("White Geisha") and Corya Gaisya ("Tipping Geisha"). The first only entertained, the second – they deficted the body. But already in 1779, these pranks were banned. Once and for all.

From now on, Geisha could not even sit at one table with clients Yudz, wearing bright kimono, complex ridges and long studs. By the way, the easiest way to distinguish a prostitute from true geisha is to look at her kimono’s belt. If he, as it should be, tied to a complex knot from behind – in front of us "Flower" (Geish is called). If the front is clear. Because a person who can tie kimono on his own has not yet been born. For this you need time, snarling and specially trained assistants. Japanese Japanese love for obvious reasons to do it just not with hands.

Geishelogy: Refining Science

To become an embodiment of male happiness, learn long. Years from ten. True, in today’s laws, it is possible to start learning, only after graduating from a secondary school – years in 15-16. Previously, the girl was sold in the eye (the house where Geish) for debts her own parents. Now girls go to the profession themselves. But the world of colors is cruel, most of the one is cut out at the initial stage, when the girl becomes Sikomi – the assistant in the fees of other geish, older. Of two years.

The second stage (the girl is now called Minrai) – observation of experienced geishas to take over their tricks, mana, movement, makeup application technique, the ability to sing, dance, draw up Iquiban, spill sake, compose poems and prose, draw, play musical instruments. At least on one – Japanese national Syamysen. And, of course, the ability to do the main thing – to lead a relaxed conversation with men. Skulloze to flatter their pride, to liberate and flirt. Hint, but do not cross the permissions. There is no continuation of the kisses geisha, do not forget.

And yes. Do all this she should "from the pure heart" (but for money). However, do not need evidence. Geisha will never entertain the company that they are unpleasant. Even for the notorious tips, which are called "floral money". And if anyone decides to dissolve the hands – can and fan to scream. On face. Premonly.

And now one day for Minrara comes the time to become … not a true heyish, but only Maiko is a student, a young geyshe. Mayco may already be present on tea ceremonies, but not alone, but with his "older sister" – an experienced geek, which the owner of the eye appoints. "Senior" and "younger" sisters pass a special rite, after which they are connected forever. The first will learn the second tool of the art of seduction and help gain popularity at the guesthouse. True, for the beginning of the younger sister, MidzuaGe was required – the rite of deprivation of virginity of the wealthy elderly man, who once a day for a week had to lubricate the sexy lips of the girl with egg squirrel, every time there was a deeper fingers in her launo, and on the seventh – to do with her sexual act. Today it is not practiced. Yes, the Japanese is very difficult.

Who are such geisha in fact

Love and marriage

When the new-minted geish is eighteen, she can acquire his own patron – Danna. He buys a new kimono geist, dear decorations and generally provides a comfortable existence. Sometimes these two bind intimate relationships, and sometimes even love. But more often – just sympathy. Nor surprising.

The easiest way to distinguish a prostitute from true Geisha – look at the belt of her kimono

Geisha can have several sexual partners, but more often prefers one – reputation is more expensive. She can even give birth to a child from Danna.

Gaisha may marry. And as! There are cases when Geish took diplomats, ministers, princes, oligarchs. True, after marriage, Geisha should leave the profession. In this case, the intricate Japanese also has a rite. All its customers, hostesses of tea houses, "sisters" and "matushkam" of the eye should be sent a special treat – Box of boiled rice. If the rice is white – the girl will not return. If red – everything can be.

Beautiful profession

But, alas, extinct. Even in Kyoto, the traditional "flower city" – Geish today is about three hundred. Back in the 1920s, there were 80 thousand workers in the whole country, now there are no more than a thousand. Most of the girls with seamless people who are walking in Kimono on the streets of Tokyo and even the Kyoto region Geisha Giona – ordinary stars earning photographs with unscepted tourists.

But in the "country with two persons" still have geisha men. Alive. Whole two. One name is Eitaro, it works in one of the Tokyo regions Geish Mukodzima. His mother was also a heels, so the guy from childhood absorbed the "floral" fragrance and wanted to go along her feet. Geisha men wear female kimono and make the same makeup as women. Yes, and their goals like – entertain. To whom not a man know the nature of a strong floor.

Who are such geisha in fact

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