White Zimbabvians consider dollars for millions

Folk wisdom says that by visiting Africa once, a white man returns there again and again. One of these traditional Continent Magnets is Zimbabwe. The state, once known under the name of Southern Rhodesia, on the area a little more than the American state of Montana, and is not too profitable: inside the African continent, without exit to the sea. Nevertheless, travelers from Ocean come here with thousands. Tourism and tobacco – two pillar of local economy. However, the most interesting thing is that many travel of the Europeanoids, looking at how people live here, who moved in Zimbabwe at the dawn, are also not averse to living with them in the neighborhood.

Among the local 12 million inhabitants of about 100.000 people – representatives of the White race. Many of this hundreds can be rightfully considered to be indigenous residents of Zimbabwe. Our contemporaries, whose white ancestors arrived in the country at the end of the last century, are Zimbabvians already in the fifth generation. Every tenth man from the multicolored people living here in terms of its income "pulling" Representative of the middle class in Western understanding. For developing Africa, not such a bad indicator.

Unlike many of their neighbors on the continent, the black Zimbabvians in politically extremely apatic. If in 1980 at the time of coming to power of the current government, the local Zimbabvian dollar (ZWD) was quoted above the American, now, now, pretending the price of the house, foreigners share the amount expressed in ZWD, at 17. However, simple black workers in the collapse of the economy are not indignant. Missing in their land, they grow Maize and believe that it is useless to make noise. Social apathy reached such a scale that in the last election the electoral urns honored less than a third of citizens. Confidence that the country’s economy is not "Pottonet" under no circumstances give the mineral wealth of the country. After all, this is not some raw material for chemicals, but copper, gold, silver and even platinum.

In addition to the opening of the business involved in the export of business, the tennis and golf regularly play on the background of stunning nature, fishing in Zambezi, listen to the noise of Victoria Waterfall and take pictures of animals in national parks. Fauna and Flora in many corners of the country still do not know what a person is. However, such terrain are suitable only for short-term excursions: these low-lived places for life too frying. Buy a hut there and live constantly will not mind any sensible Europeans: every day a rare amateur exotic is capable of eating prophylactic pills from malaria.

But in large cities in this respect everything is calm. Real estate are bought mainly in the two largest cities of the country – Bulawayo and in the capital of Harare. Moreover, in order to be among the wild thickets, their inhabitants are enough only a half-hour walk on the jeep. Moreover, if you stay near the protected residential complexes, MANA Pools, Matobo, Hwange, Gonarezhou, Nyanga, Matusadona – then the jeep just have to buy or lease. Otherwise, you will not allow you to pass through the places of the greatest cluster of wild animals. On Zimbabvian laws, only drivers with biennium can rent an SUV. Per "Cherokee" You have to pay approximately $ 80 rent per day plus 70 cents for each kilometer traveled.

Real estate agencies in Harare not so much. But in terms of work experience with customers, they can quit many of their European and American colleagues. For example, a veteran of the Zimbabvian housing market Someone Mr. Colin Mercier founded his work here, returning from the fronts World War II in 1945. The first house he was engaged in as a realtor managed to implement ZWD3.200. Now the same home is estimated seven times more. Mr. Mercier as an intermediary managed to earn a lot: this and many other objects over the past half century passed through his hands 5-6 times, and he knows the story of all the most lacking Zimbabvian buildings in the literal sense of the word.

It is quite difficult to immigrate into this country, and in the respective state bodies in Harare can always be found a lot of Europeans and Americans who want to legalize their status here. Residence permit is usually issued to those applicants who are ready to invest at least $ 50 in the Zimbabvian economy.000. Craving for sedentary life here enhance the high level of educational institutions, cheap labor, cheap land and cheap building materials. Plus Low national currency rate.

It is not surprising that among applications for the purchase can be found and such: "Employee of a large company Mr. V and his family are looking for a house with a large plot in which it would be good to spend time. Price is not a problem". Like everywhere, for each buyer with a wallet of one or another thickness here there is a seller. Oh other White Zimbabvians put the appeal of this kind: "Elderly married couple would buy a modest apartment. If a location arranges, could pay up to $ 30.000 Cash".

Building in Zimbabvian cities extremely eclectic. Buildings built by another first white settlers at the end of the 19th century, adjacent to modern high-rise offices, proudly called skyscrapers. In English here is expressing almost everywhere – the colonial past affects. The simple people in Zimbabwe usually speaks "Sean" (the language of the same name, the most numerous tribe) or on "Neddeel".

The leading Zimbabvian Agency The Property Brokers is regularly "Hot dozen" The best objects announced for sale at the moment. Now the first place on this list is occupied by the house located on the most prestigious metropolitan address – in the elite area of ​​Halensvale. Future buyer posted ZWD10.000.000 (about $ 500.000) will be in the ownership of a plot of 22 acres. This is nearly 9 hectares of a well-kept landscape gardener on top of a hill.

White Zimbabvians consider dollars for millions

From the windows of four bedrooms and three bathrooms offer stunning views of Harare and the surrounding area. The house includes separate cutlery for breakfast and for lunch, office, Americanized kitchen, near the pool Own tennis court. For guests in the building there is a separate wing with sovereign kitchen, dining room and utility rooms. The most interesting thing is that such a number of rooms and rooms are not pupid on each other in two to three floors, and freely placed on the same level. The land is so cheaper that any western representative of the middle class can afford to afford.

Attention also deserves the sixth number in "Gold list" brokers – an object with a romantic name Bagamoyo, which translated from Suakhili means "the place where I left my heart". Annotations to the construction indicates that the prestigious St. John College is located near the house. Three bedrooms are two bathrooms, dining room, swimming pool, underground garage and small office. Although the object cannot be called chic, according to realtors, it is ideal for artists, poets and. Lovers. Paradise in a hood cost ZWD3.200.000 (about $ 200.000).

Purchased property can be beneficial. So, a similar house near the same "Saint John" Current tenants remove approximately one and a half thousand US dollars per month. In other areas, lend accommodation can be somewhat cheaper: 4-5-room furnished houses with swimming pool are now surrendered at rates from $ 600 to $ 1.200 per month.

Such lovers in Africa, but less wealthy visitors can settle in an urban apartment. You can buy a two-room apartment in Harare for $$ 20.000-24.000. For rent three bedroom apartments in Hararian high-rise buildings offered at $ 400 per month. Recently, more informal form of vehicles – Bed & Breakfast. The owners engaged in this kind of services, even united in the association with the complex name TCAA (Town and Country Accommodation Association). They are focused on tenants who know the price of a center, and offer much more favorable prices than hotels.

If earlier door "Black" The stroke in any of the houses of Harare has always been kept open, now all housing is reliably fenced and enveloped by the wires of the most modern alarms. But it is rather fashion: in 1996, Zimbabwe Country was recognized as the most secure travelers in Africa. And if suddenly what happened, on "Mercedes" or bicycles (two of the most preferred ways of movement of the guards of order) MiG will arrive.

White Zimbabvians consider dollars for millions

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