White villages Cadiz

One of the most popular excursions in the vicinity of Cadiz is excursions to White Village (Pueblo Blanko). Official name of the White Village – Grazalem, however, epithet «White» This settlement really deserves.

At the base of a pine mountain, which is one of the highest in Andalusia, the settlement of 2000 inhabitants spread. Cozy village is crowded on the slope and is an incredibly picturesque town. White walls of houses contrast with saturated green spleens and terracotta roofs. In the village there is a real spirit of Andalusia – Calm old men and old women on bears at home thresholds, miniature gardens of orange and almond trees in courtyards. Local restaurants serves exclusively traditional Spanish dishes.

White villages Cadiza Sights of Cadiz Travel Guide

The history of grams is rooted in antiquity. The settlement originated due to Roman roads passing through this area. The remains of these ancient roads can still be seen in the surrounding area. A favorable mild climate and a sufficient amount of sediment dropping here thanks to the mountains allowed the settlement quite successfully engaged in rural and sheep breeding. Replacing the Romans of Arabs, and then the transition to the power of the Catholic kings did not make special changes to the life of residents. Only the 17th century brought the grains in the list of the most dynamically developing settlements due to local textile enterprises and traditional art of lace and coloring fabrics. Grace-shawls to this day are considered in Spain with a sample.

In addition to the amazing nature and narrow streets of the White Village, it is necessary to visit several urban churches, a carmelite monastery and a textile factory in Grazalem.

White villages Cadiza Sights of Cadiz Travel Guide

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