White Tower

Perhaps the most famous attraction of the city of Thessaloniki, is a white tower, a business card of all edges. You can find the tower in the southeastern part of the city, in the garden on the embankment.

Previously, the tower was an integral part of the defensive walls that were called upon to defend the city from raids. Gradually, the walls were destroyed, and the tower remained standing and reminded of past times. For a long time, it was believed that the construction was erected due to the Venetians in the early 15th century. But, after a more thorough study, it turned out that Turks built the wall and tower. The White Tower served for Ottomans and Fort, and a barracks and a local prison. But, most of the time, the tower performed a guard role. Tower has another name – «bloody», Since in the early 19th century, a terrible execution of prisoners was being configured here on the orders of Sultan.

White Tower Attractions Thessalonikov Tour Profit Guide

The tower has a height of almost 44 meters. On the most painter, a small tower is installed, a diameter of just over 10 meters. There is a basement here, where there is a steep circular staircase. From the roof of the tower you can see local landscapes. Among other things, from the end of the 20th century, a museum has a museum in the tower walls, where you can explore the frescoes, sculptures and other exhibits relating to past centuries.

White Tower Attractions Thessalonikov Tour Profit Guide

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