White Terem with a balcony on the sea

– And necessarily the maritime climate for a month, no less, – resolutely stated the pediatrician, making the mark in the card. But what to do if you don’t want to go to one of the former "All-Union Sanitaryware"! And funds to spend time in places where there are "European service", Enough just for a week – two:

Friends having rest in Spain, advised to carry a child to improve there. Only not in the promoted Catalonia or Andalusia, but in Valencia. To the edge, which Mauri in the times of its local dominion was called "paradise on earth".

In the formation of a special Valencian charm, Romans made their contribution, Westges, Arabs: the last Valencia is obliged to orange, lemon and silk groves, who decorating her coast. Los Narankhos Bay in translation means orange. There is sunny and warm since May, when orange trees bloom and until October, when the latest orange fruits are collected. It is even strange that it is a beautiful, filled with sensual citrus flavors The coast in Russia is almost not advertised. Probably, the Spaniards shovel Valencia for themselves.

The city of Kulle, one of the pearls of Valencia, lies on the shore of the bay. In addition to the legible "Aborigines", Given due to snow-white beaches and turquoise waters Cullets (marked with six blue flags!) Lovers of foggy Albion, beautiful France, proud Germany love to rest here. But the inhabitants "Native Osin" On the Valencian coast one-two and turned around. Yes, and the firm offering Blabe, in Russia only one – "Nitas Tour". And how delicious in Culper is a luxurious nature: gardens, the sea and the Belopescian shores, on which they are built: no, not five-star hotels, and aparthotels. They consist of comfortable apartments, where, not crowing and without interfering with each other, can accommodate a big family, and a funny company. The apartment has one or two bedrooms, a living room with a large sofa, a kitchen with a washing machine, a refrigerator, a stove and a microwave. Here really – get and be at home! There are here and everything that attached to "ordinary" Location – Restaurant, Pools, Tennis Courts and Beach Literally under the most windows. This is not an exaggeration: balconies of each room apartments "Florazar" or "Hem" go straight to the sea.

You will go out in the morning on the terrace – the sun illuminates the slopes of the Golden Mountain, citrus gardens, the water of the River Khuchant, flowing into the sea. From the bay blowing a gentle breeze. He refreshes and saves from heat. From other winds, the mountains protect the mountains, creating a cozy, warm microclimate. How many weekly rest in June in these paradise conditions? Do not believe: $ 265 per person. Price enters the price of a charter flight to Alicante and breakfast. But the month in the apartment (for a family with two children) in the same June will cost about $ 700. This amount does not include meals and plane tickets. Calculate – rent a good cottage in the nearest Moscow region costs about the same. If you certainly want to dinner at the hotel restaurant – pay extra for the buffet yet

$ 30 per week. At your service (or rather, to your stomach) tender fish and seafood, delicious meat, juicy fruits and vegetables. By the way, compare prices with the cost of dinners in the hotels of the same level on the Costa Brava coast. They will cost you $ 70 a week, and on Costa del Sol is even more expensive. True, there is an opportunity to pay anything, but to prepare the breathtaking lunches and dinners right in the room. Fortunately, there is from what – the food program in Valencia has been completed and overfulfilled in a century.

Finding gorgeous dishes of Valencian cuisine in the city. Restaurants here are designed for every taste and wallet. Try, for example, the most famous Valencian Specialty – Palela. It is served here more than 40 species – with a squid, with chicken, with a rabbit, with mussels, vegetarian and so on. We also taste ice soup "gazpacho", Rice with rubbed tomatoes, gentle "Golden" Fish, tiger shrimps: or buy, returning from the sea, grilled chicken, arched by the popular Spanish spice Tamilo, sweet tomatoes and arrange on the balcony, watching the sun Gold Sea Waves:

Describing gastronomic temptations, we will not forget about spiritual food – excursions. From the Valencian coast, you can go to Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and in the beautiful capital of the region – the city of Valencia.

White Terem with a balcony on the sea

The historic center of Valencia lies in some removal from the shore: so its inhabitants have once secured themselves from pirated raids. Since then, the city has grown and has long taken a four-kilometer strip of sushi, separating it from the sea. The river Treius, who previously occurring within Valencia, was taken out of the city after the flood of 1957. Now in her row green orange trees, acacia and palm trees. On the main square of the city – Ayuntamiento – the city hall is located. But the busiest place in Valencia is a bit north. This is the central market on the Mercado Square (Trade). The local market is one of the largest in Europe: its area of ​​8027 kV. M. Not far from the market is the old Silk Exchange. Built in

The XV century building is one of the best samples of urban gothic Valencia. The transaction hall strikes with an exquisite grace: the ceiling is supported by twisted columns, and the rays of the bright sun, making his way through small windows, illuminated no less beautiful gender. The floor above was once located maritime council, governing Valencia port.

The main attraction of Valencia is the Cathedral built in the XII-XIII centuries on the foundation of the former mosque. It is here that the bowl of Holy Grail is exhibited, recognized as genuine by the Pope himself. The bowl surround the alabaste bas-reliefs made by Italian masters.

Not only the capital of the region, but all the coast of the Valencian community is replete with monuments, created and human hands, and the nature itself. Be sure to visit the sources of Fuentes del Algar or Cave Kanelobra. Who did not see them, he did not see Valencia.

But even if you relax like that, do not stop outside the core, you will still see a lot of interesting things. Buildings of luxury hotels and resort complexes are harmoniously combined with old quarters. Each week in the city is arranged by Corrida. For those who do not fit a similar type of entertainment, discos are offered. All major disco coast are just close to Culley. These are powerful entertainment complexes, designed for three thousand visitors. Describe this rattling cocktail from light, sound and adrenaline – no comparison is not enough. The only thing I have achieved is now and my friends also want to experience the charm of cores on themselves. Yes, you understood correctly: this summer we will go to Valencia. And already select apartments!

White Terem with a balcony on the sea

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