Where to go volunteer in May

Occupation: Work with tourists, household assistance.

Our family lodge is located 35 miles from the north polar circle near the Brooks Range. Plots about us could be seen on Discovery Channel, National Geographic, NBC and many other channels. We are looking for energetic and organized helpers for work in the summer (from May to September) and the winter season. You will feed riding dogs, carrying tourists to watch the Northern Light and Wash Dishes. Our lodge stop both tourists and locals traveling on their own aircraft. You can see a real, non-unistricted Alaska.

Volunteers required: 2.

Occupation: work on the farm.

Aloha! We owners of a big farm in Hawaii: 12 acres of plantations with trees Mcadamia and 2,000 coffee trees. The main goal is to put them in order. We need people who love to work on Earth. You will spin the branches, clean the leaves, mow the grass and fertilize the soil. We want you to work 20 hours a week – four days from 8.00 to 13.00. Work can be physically hard, but we do not require you to overvolt, work in your pace with interruptions. In exchange, we provide accommodation – a room for two with a large bed and a private bathroom. Preference is given to pairs (including friends), but we will look at any candidate! Lingerie, towels are also provided, the ability to use laundry and Wi-Fi. Total kitchen overlooking the ocean. Full boarding do not promise, but periodically we arrange joint home dinners and rides around the neighborhood. The minimum stay is a month.

Volunteers required: twenty.

Occupation: Work in the Hostel and Language Center.

Welcome to Busan! Our company Lzone owns a hostel and linguistic cafe. We are located in one of the busiest areas of Busan near two major universities, just 15 minutes from the beach. We offer local students and guests a hostel to practice English and other languages ​​and simply pleasant communication. You must freely speak English. Other languages ​​and experience with people will be a plus. Skills and abilities in other areas are also very important, be it cooking, sport, music. In May, we need a reception workers in the hostel, cooks, event managers, dancers, singers and artists. In exchange for five working days a week for six hours you will receive free accommodation, meals and Wi-Fi. The minimum stay is a month.

Volunteers required: 1-4.

Where to go volunteer in May

Occupation: work on the farm.

We live in eoposal, and also want to breathe life into three neighboring villages, from which little left. 1 km from us there is a lake, surrounded by the forest, and 4 km away is the National Park. In 2014, we intend to land about 100 lips and about 30 fruit trees on our own land. We have a kennel, where we annually grow thousands of seedlings. There is also a small garden, there are plans for its expansion. In addition, we want to start quailing and goats and start building a small hostel in which volunteers will live, – a one-storey house in the forest. All of this requires help. Landing and caring for trees, preparing for sowing, pumping land, building houses, forest harvesting and streams, herbs. Until July 2014, accommodation is possible only in tents. We are vegetarians (not counting the dogs).

Volunteers required: 5.

Occupation: Work in the zoo.

Work the volunteer in the zoo! We are located in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin. We organized a shelter for orphaned and wounded animals, as well as engage in the preservation of the unique nature of Amazon. You will have a unique opportunity to work with large cats: jaguars, ocelomes and family. Also in the zoo lives a large number of different monkeys, spiders, capybaras, tapir – and this is not a complete list. Our Conditions: Five and a half five-hour working days, three meals, comfortable beds, Individual bathrooms with hot water ROUNDS, POINT, Wi-Fi. You can also visit the jungle and visit the Indian village. In addition, you will get the opportunity to learn Spanish. Volunteer contribution in the first month – $ 150 per week, then – $ 120 per week. We have no third-party financial support from the government or private organizations, so your help is critical.

Where to go volunteer in May

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