Where to go together for the weekend?

When I want to be together with my second half or the best friend, you can go to A little journey for several weekends. In this article we will tell about, Where can I go to Russia at the weekend.


This city is at a decent distance from Moscow And enters B gold ring of Russia. Kostroma So a cozy city that you will definitely retire for several days and enjoy the beauty of the city. There is in Kostroma Central Park, Where can I sit in Arbor Ostrovsky and spend time With your second half or other.

Also in this city you can go through the gallery in trading orders.

Desert and drunk forest

This place is located near the city Kaliningrad. Also this place is called Thied kingdom, as it looks like in a fairy tale.

If we talk more exactly, then Desert and drunk forest are situated in Curonian spit. This place is characterized Long Sushi Stripe Between the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Bay. Incredible views are open here sand dunes, dense forests, which are pissed by flora and fauna.

Karelian shells

Where to go together for the weekend

This place is located north of St. Petersburg. It is characterized by the presence chic hills, rivers, lakes, Where you can just relax from the city fuss and enjoy natural beauties. This place is perfectly suitable for you if you want to feel silence of nature, as it can be Rent a house on the turbase or Walk through long paths, listening to bird singing. If you want to cheer up or love leisure, then on Karelian Isthmus Winter can be Ride sledding or snowmobile, or go on a skiing.


In this city come to enjoy Exotic. In Kazan, you will find a connection our and Tatar culture and surprise how much this city Diverse on various traditions. Best walking Kazan Arbatu on the street Bauman and consider Mansions, listening Street musicians. The reason to fall in love with this wonderful city will be local kitchen, Since walking around Arbat, you will definitely meet the institution where Delicious Tatar pastries.

To relax together, It is not necessary to visit another country, it is best to pay attention to the cities that are located next to the city where you live. You will definitely be impressed as far as our country is – Russia.

Where to go together for the weekend

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