Where to go to Tunisia

Each tourist needs to rest their. Someone is enough to the beach and sun lounger, someone seeks entertainment, someone is interested to see the sights of the country, and some enough bar on the AI ​​system.

For this reason, it is impossible to recognize any of the resorts in Tunisia the best. Each resort has its pros and cons. We will evaluate Tunisian resorts in 8 parameters, you can say "nominations". And each will have their own leaders and outsiders. We will give estimates for the usual all five-point scale.

Resorts Tunisa

In this article we will compare the resorts, but not telling about them in detail. Card Tunisia with the designation of large resorts and airports can be found in our review "Map of Tunisia with resorts".

About each major resort on our site there is a detailed article, read descriptions of the resorts: Sousse, El Cantaui, Hammamet, Yasmin Hammamet, Nabel, Gammart, Monastir, Mahahdi, Djerba, Zarzis.

Nomination 1 – quality beaches

Everywhere in Tunisia beaches sandy, sand soft and pleasant (see photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge). Only on the island of Djerba in the sand there are stones, for this reason, Djerba has earned a lower estimate.

The "four" deserves the resort zone of Yasmin Hammamemet due to the fact that the beaches even at the first line hotels here are through the road. Drivers in Tunisia PDDs or do not like, or do not know, or do not fully fulfill, the Tunisian road is always dangerous, which we talked in detail in the article "Danger for tourists in Tunisia".

Beach quality may differ from the hotel to the hotel. In some hotels, the beach is quickly brushed from algae and traces of visitors stay, in some kind of cleaning the beach forget. Read reviews about the hotel.

Especially tourists annoy the results of the activities of horses and camels, with whom enterprising Tunisians go and offer tourists to be photographed. Good hotels are not allowed on their beaches of these people and their pets. Again read reviews about hotels.

Nomination 2 – Wealth Choices

There are resorts with dozens of hotels for every taste and wallet, and it happens that hotels can be counted with fingers of one hand. In any case, a large selection is good, healthy competition has never hurt the market.

The leaders in the range of hotels in Tunisia are Djerba, Hammamet and Yasmin Hammamet, Sousse and El Cantaui.

In Outsiders, a raider where only 12 hotels, there is not a single "five". In Hammart there are only 11 hotels, and among them 8 "five.

In Mahidia, a balanced choice of hotels, but there are only a couple of dozen. In the rosary of hotels of different price levels, approximately equally, but only 9 pieces.

In Tunisia, there are resort areas with a smaller choice – Seddia, Kelibia, La Mars or Guellett, but they did not get into our lists at all due to tiny sizes.

Nomination 3 – proximity to the airport

In North Tunisia, two air portions take charter flights with our tourists – this is Enfida Airport and Monastir Airport. You can not predict in advance, which one will fly to the flight. Time travel between airports and all resorts we led to the review "Tunisia map with resorts".

Suppose you bought a batch tour to the Monastir Hotel. Go for some 10 minutes from Monastir Airport, but if the flight landed in enfide, then you will have to get more than an hour. Do not guess. In addition, tour operators sometimes transfer flights, and you buy a ticket with arrival at one airport, and you fly to another.

For this reason, by proximity to the airport, we can give an assessment only by two resorts – this is Djerba and Zarzis, which are located in South Tunisia, where only one airport.

We will not risk a gammart assessment. On the one hand, from the airports of Monastir and Enfids to get here very far. On the other hand, Gammart is very close to the metropolitan airport, where the charters from Russia are rare, but arrive. Again, you can’t guess.

Nomination 4 – Entertainment for Children

Unambiguous leaders in this nomination are El Cantaui and Sousse. There are two water park – Aquasplash and Acqua Palace, a good amusement park Hannibal Park.

Another option "on the top five" is a resort of Gammart, which is located in the suburb of the capital. Taking a taxi, you can quickly get to all local entertainment centers – Carthage Land Les Berges du Lac, Happy Land Park and other. Children will be delighted with a huge range of still unknown candies and sweets in Carrefour or Auchan-MG hypermarkets.

Also good options – Hammamet, Yasmin Hammamet and a raid due to the proximity of the Flipper Water Park and Carthage Land Park (on the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge). Another option "On the Four" is a jerb with a famous crocodile farm.

The most boring resort for children definitely recognizes the Zarzis. There are no children’s entertainment here, except that shells on the beach collect, and the shells are rare.

Nomination 5 – proximity to top attractions

The most important and most popular sights of Tunisia are Carthage, Sidi-bu-Said (on the photo on the right, click to enlarge), Museum of Bardo, Amphitheater El Jam and Zoo Frigia.

The leader in this nomination – the resort of Gammart, from where it is less than half an hour at a taxi to Carthagen, Sidi-bu sida and the Bardo Museum.

Good position in Yasmin Hammamet, Hammamet and raid, from where you can go to the capital about 1 hour with an excursion or yourself by bus, Frigia Zoo is very close.

Sousse and El Cantaui are located far from the capital. With the excursion to go for more than 2 hours, the train itself is even longer, about which you read our review "by train from Sousse to the capital". But Sousse and El Cantaui are close to El Jema and Zoo Frigia, which gives them the "four".

Mahadia and Monastir boast close only to El Jom. Djerba and Zarzis are very far from top attractions, but here there are many interesting places for tourists.

Nomination 6 – Local Attractions

Meaning those attractions to which can be reached by taxi or public transport in 20 minutes or faster.

In the leaders of Jerba, the island is small, here all attractions are considered local – synagogue El Mushroom, Djerba Explore Park, Museum of Guelllala, Djerbahood project (in the photo on the right, click to enlarge).

Also in the leaders of Sousse and El Cantaui, where you can see the famous Archaeological Museum and Medina Sousse, Ribat Sousse, Large Mosque.

Hammart and here hit the list of the best, because for this resort, the locals are Carthage and Sidi-bu-Said.

In the monastery you can see the Mausoleum of Habiba Burbibiba and Ribat Monastir, but all this is enough for one day. In Hammamete, Yammin and raid, you can go to Medina Hammamet or at Villa Sebastian, and this is also enough for one holiday day. For these reasons, all these resorts received only the "four".

In Makhdia, you can see old forts, fish market and a black gate, but this is enough for half a day. In the burline there is a good museum of archeology and several interesting mosques, this is enough for half a day.

Nomination 7 – Nightlife

Where to go to Tunisia

Of course, Tunisia is not a country of nightclubs and noisy discos, it is not Ibiza. However, some nightlife establishments are quite worthy of one-time visit.

Leaders – Hammamet, Yasmin and raider. It is here that the most famous nightclubs are Calypso Club (in the photo nearby, click to enlarge), El Pacha Club, Jimmy’s Disco and others. Gammart is well suited for night fun, on a taxi is easy to get to the capital clubs Le Carpe Diem or Le Boeuf Sur Le Tit.

"Four" gets the island of Djerba, which was once considered the most "part" place. Now the establishments of Le Cyclone, Palm Beach Nightclub, Salsa Disco and La Casa are working, but for a long time not "clogged under the string". A similar situation in the Sousse and El Cantausi, Discoteque Platinium and Bora Bora clubs work, but not with the scope. Opening in 2015 Hard Rock Cafe has no biggest diversity to local nightlife.

In monastics, Mahdia and the Zarzis work only small discos during hotels.

Nomination 8 – Convenience for self-trip

Some of the tourists themselves buy tickets and book rooms in Tunisia hotels. There are few such travelers, because at the moment (approx.: This article is updated in 2020) There are no direct regular flights between Russia and Tunisia, only charters fly.

Fly in Tunisia is possible with a transplant, and then in 99% of cases, fly to the capital Tunis-Carthage Airport. Naturally, the most convenient resort in such circumstances is a gammart, it is very close to the capital airport. To Hammamet, Yinda or Radel will have to go by bus.

Flights with one transplant to Jerba Airports, Enfida or Monastir are found, but they are not so small that we will not talk about it seriously. There are options with two transplants when one transplant is tensed to the capital, and there you will already make a second transfer to the local flight to Djerba, but these are too tedious of these are tedious for tourists, especially with children.

Total table

Results We reduced in a single table. See her Next, click to enlarge full screen.

Other factors and features

– The beach season on all Tunisian resorts lasts the same, weather statistics are almost no different, details in our article "Rest season in Tunisia".

– By availability, price and assortment of alcohol there is no difference between the resorts of Tunisia. Read our interesting review "Alcohol in Tunisia".

– Lovers of a relaxing and quiet rest you can choose any resort region, everywhere will be calm, Tunisians are generally a very calm nation. Choosing calm need to make a specific hotel.

– Food in the restaurants of All Inclusive hotels is almost no different at different resorts, and Tunisian cuisine is not very different in different regions of the country. Gourmets can choose any resort, no difference. Read our reviews "Tunisian cuisine" and "What is fed in Tunisia".

– If they were aimed at a tour of the Sahara, we recommend the Zarzis and the island of Djerba, from here to Sakhara, the least ride.

– If you want to see the real life of Tunisia and Tunisians, you don’t even need to choose a certain resort. Just go by taxi to the nearest city.

– Machia resorts, Monastir and Sousse are connected by a convenient train. Tourists are very convenient to go and see the sights of neighboring cities. Read our Metro Sachel page.

– About movement between the cities of Tunisia, read our Pages "Trains in Tunisia" and "Buses in Tunisia".

– In Tunisia, there are two more resorts of medium-sized in the north of the country – this is Bizert and Tabarka. These resorts did not compare, as very highly distant from the main tourist airports. Read our detailed reviews "Bizert" and "Tabarka".

We wish to choose the most suitable resort in Tunisia, and read our interesting articles about this country for tourists (Links below).

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