Where to go to the weekend from Yaroslavl?

Now it is the best time when you can visit in a raised mood Various corners of the world. Light day increased, which means that you can easily move and visit different cities. In this article we will tell about, Where can I go to the weekend from Yaroslavl.


This city is one of the largest, so you can get to know Beautiful architecture and elite new buildings. Also, walking through the streets of this city, you will see Beauty of street art and many vintage buildings, who will inspire you to return to this city again.

Before Perm can be reached by rail, plane or bus. Perm will surely meet you kindly, so you can stay in Hostel, hotel or rent an apartment for a day.

As we said, you accurately pay attention to Art of this city. On the way you will definitely meet Various sculptures, who are devoted to our scientists. We also recommend you to visit Petropavlovsky Cathedral, Kungur Cave and Planetarium.


This city is definitely not inferior to the development of other metropolitan regions. Preserved here Various architectural monuments and attractions. As well as in this city you can visit various Temples, Parks, Fountains and Theaters. In fact, you want to visit this city. So getting to him will not be labor. Reach Yoshkar-Ola You can use the railway, aircraft or bus. You can also stay in Hostel, hotel or apartment. With a place of residence, there will definitely not be problems.

We advise you to see Monument to Yoshkin Cat, Puppet Theater and Brugge Embankment. And you will also like it Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is located right on the river bank.

Where to go to the weekend from Yaroslavl


This city is The capital of the Volga region, Therefore, in it, you will definitely discover Elegant theaters, museums and many different monuments. You also encourage National flavor, abundance of attractions and large shopping centers, where you can arrange a small Shopping. You can reach this city by car, railway, aircraft or bus. Find Apartment for a day, where you stop, not completely difficult.

It is best to visit Museum of Beer, Mother Patroneal Monument, Pedestrian Bridge over Cheboksary Bay.

Visiting these cities you’re sure Will not be indifferent, So want to come back here again.

Where to go to the weekend from Yaroslavl

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