Where to go to the weekend from Smolensk?

In this article we will tell about some Attractions, which are B Smolensk region. Leaving these places on the weekend, you exactly get the charge of energy, many impressions and a huge number of photos, revising which you will remember with the warmth about the weekend spent.

Katyn Forest

This forest is in 15 km from the city Smolensk. This forest is so picturesque, which will definitely leave you indifferent. Katyn Forest has a very tragic story, as it has memorial Complex, Where citizens of the two countries are buried – Soviet Union and Poland . Therefore, going to this historical place with own children, You can tell them and show a small fragment of our story.


This village is in Smolensk region. This village has its own Attraction, One of them is Museum, Where several objects have been preserved: House – Teremok, Manor with columns, Holy Spirit Temple. And also in this village earlier was Agricultural School, which was open Maria Tenisheva.


V Smolensk region There is a wonderful place that can like both lovers of our landscapes and provinces and fans Griboedov. Therefore, it will be discussed here Historical and Cultural Reserve Khmelit. In this reserve preserved Monuments of History and Culture, and Natural landscapes and memorable places, who are associated with the our writer Griboedov.

Where to go to the weekend from Smolensk

In the center of this reserve is Generic nest Griboedovaya. Manor is a stone Lordhouse, which is surrounded by trees. And also inside pass excursions, where you can look at Library, Collection of paintings, theater.

This manor is truly powerful by the fact that he did not suffer in Patriotic War. But, unfortunately, in 1954th year The collective farmers staged a fire directly inside the building, so in the original form the estate did not live to the present day. But in the nineties it turned out Restore estate, in which later opened Museum Griboyedov.

We all strongly recommend visiting these wonderful places, as they are impregnated history and powerful power of our land!

Such an excursion will enjoy you much more and leave many impressions than rest abroad.

Where to go to the weekend from Smolensk

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