Where to go to the weekend from Kazan?

Sometimes I want distract from urban fuss and listen to that very Silence of nature. Therefore, in this article we will tell about some beautiful places in order to diversify your holiday outside the city and forget about the noisy megalopolis.

Today you will meet with Beautiful and picturesque places where you can go on a picnic or with tents. And these places are perfect for those who love fish, sunbathe, swim and there are kebabs with your friends or family.

Biil’s tract "Holy Key"

If you go to Alekseevsky District, then next to the village Biolesk You will find a tract "Holy Key". This place is in middle of the forest next to the mountain. This place is filled with its history, since before the ancient Bulgarians brought the victim on this place.

Here you will get acquainted with the picturesque territory where Arbors, shops, shops, souvenir shops, cafes, Numerous Walking paths and zones In order to cook Skewers. And also in the territory you will find Monument from black marble, where it will be possible to make a desire that will be fulfilled.


This place is in 120 kilometers from Kazan. You can get acquainted with the perfect place where two rivers flow Kama and Volga. And also, if climbing up Lobach, then you can look at all the beauty bird’s-eye. The view is so beautiful that you exactly inspire and remember this place for a long time. If you like to relax, then there is a place next to this place Pebble beach.

In this place, you can go with your friends on personal transport, Since you will accurately spend time perfectly, cooking kebabs.

Where to go to the weekend from Kazan

Blue Lakes

Most of those people who live in Kazan, accurately visited this place, as it is characterized availability of rich nature and purest lakes. On Blue lakes You can get acquainted with Laszha, as they often appear there. Water in this lake is cold enough, but people still try to swim in this purest water. If you want to relax more thoroughly, there is a place on blue lakes in order to Prepare a kebab. And also on the territory there are many Arbor for communication.

Reach Blue lakes can be Kazan Juice Road. Therefore, if you have personal transport, it will not be difficult for you.

Be sure to travel to these places, as they will like exactly. And if you take with you your Family or friends, then exactly perfectly spend time together.

Where to go to the weekend from Kazan

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