Where to go to the UAE – Emirates of Sharjah, Fujairah and others

The first small emirate, which is worthy of our attention – this is an emirate Fujaira. This emirate is primarily interesting because it is not on the shore of the Persian Gulf, like all the other Emirates, but on the coast of the Oman Bay, which is part of the Indian Ocean.

Most of the Emirates are occupied by the mountains, and it is believed that more precipitation falls in Fujaire. The difference is not very large, but this difference is enough to the Emirate of Fujaira, active agriculture. For those who are afraid of the desert, the answer to the question "where to go to the UAE?" Fujaira will be.

It is believed that there is more "soft" climate, the winds from the Indian Ocean are constantly blowing. Climate Fujaire looks more like the Mediterranean, almost all the territory of the Emirates is occupied by mountains, mountain air is more useful than deserted.

Many residents of the country come here to rest here, it is to relax from the "hard" climate of the desert. We will not argue with the residents of the United Arab Emirates, they are visible.

In Fujaiwood there is an international airport, but there are no direct flights, you will have to fly with a transfer to Abu Dhabi.

The population of the Emirate is only 150,000 people. This is almost the smallest, from the point of view of the population, the emirate. Only in the emirate of Umm Al Kuwaine lives even fewer people. In the population, this emirate is inferior to some cities of the Moscow region, such as Elektrostal, Khimki, Podolsk, Mytishchi, Korolev or Balashikha.

Fujairah is a real province, there are no large shopping centers, large amusement parks or important sights. From interesting places here you can look at the most ancient preserved mosque in the UAE. It is called al bidyah (al bidyah). This building dated 1446.

Her architecture is unusual, this mosque has no minaret and four dome.

This mosque is also called "Ottoman", But to Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, this name has nothing to do. This is the name of the builder of the mosque.

Fujaiwoods are held fighting bulls, or rather, this action is correctly called Bull Bulls (Bull Butting). Very interesting action, but these battles are held not all the time, but only in the second half of November and the first half of December.

There are some more interesting places of local importance, for example, Food Fujairah, who was once a central defensive structure of the region. Next to the fort there is a thematic village.

Gardens Ain Al Madhab (Ain Al Madhab) will enjoy lovers of warm sources and walks. Saturated cultural and entertainment program in Fujaire not to make up, after all, this province.

Conclusion: If you want to visit the resort of the UAE, but we are afraid of the hot climate of the desert, then go to Fujair, but, consider that entertainment and cultural attractions here in deficiency. If you want to spend rest on the beach and away from the city fuss, Fujair for you is a good choice.

The next small emirate, which will be discussed – this Sharjah, The most conservative resort of the UAE. The main feature of this emirate is the fact that Forbidden alcohol. There are no alcoholic beverages in neither in stores, nor in hotels.

The only way to consume alcohol here, buy it in another emirate and have a drink in your room. But, we do not recommend this to do if the use of alcohol is a part of the rest for you, just choose yourself another emirate, answer to the question "where to go to the UAE?" for you obviously not shard.

In the Sharge Emirate, the most stringent laws from all resorts of the UAE. In Sharjah, you need to walk in clothes that closes his knees, stomach and back completely, and it applies to men and women.

A man and a woman can not be together, even in public places, if they are not married or are not relatives. For non-compliance with this, the rules of tourists are not arrested, belongs to. But, as you understand, the laws are harsh.

In Sharjah, a strong football club, and it is not entirely clear how football players bypass prohibitions in clothes, because they have naked knees, and they are also shown on TV.

Emirate of Sharjah is located in the northeast of Dubai, as soon as the city of Dubai ends, the city of Sharjah is immediately beginning. 500,000 people live in the city of Sharjah, the city is only 7 kilometers wide.

Sharjah is officially recognized as the cultural capital of the Arab world. All buildings in the city are built taking into account the traditions of Arabic architecture, there are still large traditional Arab markets, in the city seventeen museums and countless mosques.

The most interesting museum is the Museum of Islamic Civilization (Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization), there are many unique exhibits in it.

If you arrive in Sharjah, you can drive to Dubai Metro Metro station in five minutes, and all Attractions Dubai at your disposal.

Conclusion: Sharjah is very recommended that tourists who dream to plunge into Arab culture, lovers of culture and art.

Ajman is on the coast after Sharjah. This is the smallest emirate in the area, only 270 square kilometers, it is comparable to the area of ​​two districts of the city of Moscow. Ajman on all sides is surrounded by the territories of Sharjah Emirate.

Ajman is famous for the fact that there is active construction. The Government of Ajman made it possible to foreigners to fully own property in the territory of the Emirate (not in every emirate it is permitted). Many foreign investors have invested money in the construction of real estate in the city.

During the crisis of 2008-2009, almost all significant projects were frozen. On the photo on the left shown the most ambitious project of the skyscrapers Ajman Marina. The project is frozen, I did not even begin to build.

Where to go to the UAE - Emirates of Sharjah, Fujairah and others

List of projects that are waiting for their hour (or rather a good investment climate), very long, there are many very interesting buildings and parks.

For tourists there are not so many interesting places. There are shopping centers and beautiful architecture, elegant hotels. Attractions include the Ajman Museum. The museum building was once a residence of Sheikh Emirate Ajman, and his building dates back to the 18th century. This historical museum contains a collection of archaeological finds, tools and weapons.

The second interesting place in the emirate can be called the Fish Market (AJMAN Fish Market).

Here you can not only buy fish, just caught in the Persian Gulf, but also try ready-made fish dishes, which are famous for local cuisine.

For a long time, seafood were the basis of the diet of the local population, which is not surprising at the local climate.

Conclusion: We recommend Ajman to those tourists who already "sat down" the main resorts of the UAE.

Ras Al Khaiman Located in the north of the UAE. The tourist industry in this emirate is only developing. There are some interesting places.

Water Park Iceland (Iceland) Stylized under the ice. Stylization is that most of the interior is painted in white, also in the park there are figures of penguins and other animals that are associated with ice and cold. The National Museum of Ras Al Khaiman is located in the former residence of Sheikhov. Here you can see the collection of documents, household and weapons.

The only fort on a hill remaining integer in the UAE is located in the emirate of Ras Al Haiman. It is called Dhayak Fort (Dhayah Fort), its construction dates back to the 16th century. Fort is considered a very important historical place, there was a large battle between the locals and the British in 1819.

Conclusion: as well as Ajman, we recommend those who have already been on other resorts of the UAE or wants something exclusive.

Umm Al Kuwaine – Emirate with the smallest population. Here is the Museum of the Emirate, which is located in the building of the former Sheikh Residence. Water Park Dreamland and Old Harbor, which is a historical and ethnographic park with crafts and souvenir shops.

Conclusion: Similarly, we recommend Umm Al Kuwain for those who have already been at the main resorts or wants an exclusive holiday.

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Where to go to the UAE - Emirates of Sharjah, Fujairah and others

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