Where to go to the November holidays

Long time there was no long weekend, do not find? Nothing, soon November holidays – three weekends! So, time is a bit, so we tell where you can spend the beautiful three free from the concerns of the day.


Without Germany at all nowhere. She is close, there is a temperate climate, even in November, and places to walk so much that it is not a sin to a festive weekend to take a couple of days at your own expense. East Side Gallery, Reichstag, Berlin Cathedral, Akvad, Museum of Retro cars … and look at all directions: In May of this year, it was held in the capital Berlin Mural Fest . As a result, a lot of stunning graffiti appeared in the city!

This year will be another event – Berlin jazz festival. This is the oldest and respected event in Europe, which comes with musicians from all over the world. So from 1 to 4 November you are waiting for you In the Berliner Festspiele Art Center, To fill your hearts wonderful music. And this is in addition to German beer, more than a hundred species of sausages and pretzels. Eat and dance, or thoughtfully look deep into your gland under the magical sounds – the boredom will simply won’t have chances!


In Spain, at this time, warm. For sunburn, of course, not enough, but the down jacket will not be accustomed to. First of all – Guell Gingerbread Park. There are no edible houses, although they look like Easter cakes.

The Gothic Quarter is waiting for the most sorry of your thoughts, and the magic fountain is the most sincere desires. And on the dessert, leave the house pain. There is still a free "observation deck" – Montjuic hill. From there a view of Barcelona – a rare recurrence.


Yes, the birthplace of Nikola Tesla is still the place. This is an incredible harmony of primitive architecture and strong spirit. When they say about Serbia, imply a country with colorful culture.

Since time will be not enough, we recommend right to go to the mountains. The village of Kusturica – a place where you can be in silence and rest in front of that authentic, which is waiting for you at the end of the year. Relax as much as possible there, please!

Where to go to the November holidays


Not only Moscow has become a modern European city, clean and beautiful. About Kazan has long been rumored, as she "looked" and transformed. Mosque Kul Sharif, Bauman Street, Linoleum Bridge.. Khm.. That is, Millennium (sorry), the temple of all religions and the center of the Kazan family. Impressions, sure enough to New Year.


If at Amsterdam this year, your compass does not show, shive in Yoshkar-Ollow. City-picture, shines magical lanterns with the onset of twilight. Also, you are waiting for Yoshkin-cat there, the clock is 12 apostles, and walk along the embankment of Brugge – a special pleasure. Be sure to look at the Palace of Marriage. Marry or marry not necessarily, but you need to take a picture of the memory.

If this is not enough for choice, read where to eat sweets or find the most beautiful castle. And where to find a cheap ticket, you already know;)

Where to go to the November holidays

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