Where to go to New Year’s holidays in Kostroma: Snow Maiden and Husky

New Year holidays are already close, and if you decide to spend them in Kostroma, it will not be boring. Where to go to the New Year holidays with children and what to do in Kostroma I will tell you.

Where to go to the New Year holidays in Kostroma with children

Kostroma is the place where the child will meet Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. And everyone has their own home.

Terem Snow Maiden is right in Kostroma – this is her official residence. And to the Moroz Master, you can go to his factory of children’s toys in Lavrovo, it is not far from the city.

Terem Snow Maiden

What New Year holidays without a snow maiden, which just lives in Kostroma.

Here the Snow Maiden lives

In the Snow Maiden Tereme, take a walk on the beautiful Terem and meet the Helper of Santa Claus, find out the ancient legends and customs, look at a small performance. In the ice room, you will not only see carved sculptures, but also try drinks and sweets.

A visit to the museum must be booked in advance, especially on weekends and holidays. In the New Year holidays may even need prepayment.

In December and January, visiting the museum will cost 620 rub for adults and 400 rubles for children, The price includes an interactive tour and visiting an ice room with a treat.

Telephone: (4942) 42-66-42

Address: Kostroma, ul. Camp 38

Factory Santa Claus in Lavrovo

In the New Year holidays, come to the factory for the Mastere Claus.

Santa Claus takes in his office. He will tell O Wooden toys factory, Preparation for the New Year and Mail Santa Claus.

Each child can write a letter to a wizard and make a desire.

After that, a master class on the painting of the New Year toy will be held. The finished product is packaged in a festive box. At the end, each participant will receive a gift.

The cost of the program from January 1 to January 3 – 1250 rubles, in December – 1000 rubles. It is necessary to book in advance.

Go to Excursion about the history of christmas toys. Masters will tell how Christmas toys did before and how they are made now.

Or go to one of the traditional excursions, for example, about the history of wooden toys, where you tell you how and what toys our ancestors make and teach them to play. Perhaps in the century of modern technologies it will be interesting to compare the toys of our children and those in which our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers played.

Cost of excursions &# 8212; 200 rubles.

In the factory, Santa Claus passes a lot Master classes:

  • Art painting on wood
  • Art painting on ceramics
  • Gilding Piakulia
  • Patchwork
  • Decoupage
  • Linen bag painting

The average cost of the master class – 350 rubles. To participate, it is not necessary to wait for the group, there is enough 1-2 people, but the group will be cheaper.

Factory is 47 km from Kostroma, in Lavrovo, near the city of Nerekhta.

Address: Kostroma region, Nekhetsky district, d. Lavrovo, ul. Victory, D.1V

Telephone: +7 (910) -191-91-66, +7 (49431) -3-33-18

Museum of Cheese

On New Year’s holidays in Kostroma, visit the cheese museum.

Find out how the first cheese appeared, as it was done before and what devices were used than cheese is useful and how it is right. And, of course, try.

You can take a tour, and then buy cheese in the store, but I advise you to take a tour with tasting, try everything, and home buy exactly the cheese that you like.

Cheese is really tasty and diverse. If you find yourself in Kostroma before the new year, the Kostroma cheese can be decorated with your festive table.

Like other Kostroma museums, tickets here are better booking in advance, it can be done on the site of the museum.

Telephone: +7 (4942) 641-444

Address: Kostroma, ul. Tchaikovsky, 19

Prices: Excursion – 200 rub Adult, 150 rub – Baby.

Excursion with tasting – 380 rub Adult, 250 rubles – baby.

Children up to 3 years free.

New Year holidays in Kostroma in nature

Dog sledging with husky

Skating on an individual program costs 500 rubles per km.

Offer tracks Long 1, 3 and 5 km. When choosing a route from 3 km, the price includes tea party in the plague and acquaintance with puppies.

There are many group programs starting from a few hours to several days. You will be able to get acquainted with dogs, celebrate your birthday with them and even pass on dogs route 25 km long with overnight stay in Guest House.

You need to record in advance.

I wonder what dogs are fed in the nursery as well as in the north – mostly fish and no more than 1-2 times a day.

After riding on dogs, the hosts will show you the nursery, tell about the life of dogs. Perhaps you will be better understood.

Then you can drink tea in the plague and get acquainted with puppies. This is included in the price when booking a route from 3 km.

Address: Kostroma region, Kostroma district, d. Simakovo.

Telephone: +7 910 952 13 60

Skating on dogs in Kostroma will be an interesting adventure on New Year’s holidays. Children will like it.


At the Sumarokovskaya Loneferm you will get acquainted with elk and learn about their lifestyle.

Amazing but adult moose do not live locked &# 8212; they can freely leave the chapter in the forest. Not let go of walking only nursing meloses and kids.

Sometimes wild moose come to the farm.

On the farm there are always elms that you can stroke and feed with your hands. In summer there is the opportunity to try moose milk.

Calves growth around the waist adult

Besides moose on the farm you will see deer and other wildlife.

In winter, during the deep snow, moose from the farm transferred per plot – Gridino forest cottage. This usually occurs in late January, and returned moose in March-April. It is better to specify where moose are on the day of your arrival. On Gridino cottage also hosts tours pointer to move to the desired day will take turn.

Here are the coordinates of wintering elk &# 8212; 57 ° 42.60&# 8217; N; 41 ° 13.21&# 8217; E and the left turn off the road to the plot &# 8212; 57 ° 42.25&# 8217; N; 41 ° 13.00&# 8217; E.

Here are the coordinates of the main base &# 8212; 57 ° 40.50&# 8217; N; 41 ° 12.40&# 8217; E and turn onto the gravel road &# 8212; 57 ° 42.46&# 8217; N; 41 ° 10.eleven&# 8217; E

Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top place

Address: Kostroma region, Krasnoselsky District,. Sumarokovo.

Telephone: (4942) 35-94-33

Where to go to the New Year holidays in Kostroma Snow Maiden and Husky

Kostroma moose farm – an unusual place, where exactly should go in the New Year’s holidays, especially with children.

Kostroma Sloboda

It is a museum-reserve, where collected old wooden houses with all the Kostroma region.

I moved here a few wooden churches, mills, bathhouses on stilts. Only about 30 buildings. In many huts can be accessed. In them you will see, as soon as our people lived where sleep is cooked and dined in some cradles rocked children, what to play where stocks and kept doing needlework.

The most interesting buildings:

  • House Skobelkina mid-18th century (one of the oldest wooden residential buildings);
  • Church of Elijah the Prophet ages 16-19 with a very rich interior;
  • Lokhova house of the XIX century;
  • unusual bath on piles which have been constructed in lowland and thus protected from flood;
  • Cathedral Church of the Virgin 1552. – the oldest wooden church in Kostroma region. He is not on the main territory of the reserve, and a little to the side, closer to the Ipatiev Monastery, but it will not be difficult to find. Address: Kostroma, st. Dance music, etc. eight.

On New Year’s holidays in the Kostroma Sloboda, you will most likely come to entertainment events in honor of the New Year, which are held annually. Current time and program will be known later, I will add information to the article.

Address: ul. Enlightenment, 1B, Kostroma.

Telephone: +7 (4942) 51-38-29

Working hours: With 9.00 to 18.00

What else to do in the New Year holidays in Kostroma

In late January, in Kostroma passes Snow-ice sculptures festival "Winter Tale". Sculptors come from all over the region. The festival takes place on Susaninskaya Square. Free admission.

In Kostroma, there are still many interesting places where you can go to the New Year holidays:

  • Ipatiev Monastery
  • Emast Anastasiin Monastery
  • Monument to Ivan Susanin
  • Wooden architecture Museum "Kostroma Sloboda"
  • many other interesting places

Read about it in the Kostroma Travel Guide. There is also a selection of the best cafes and restaurants in the city.

Where to stay


If you arrived by car, stop at Park Hotel Berendevka.

It is in the park near the reservoir. Despite the fact that the zoo and the hippodrome are not far from the hippodrome, the feeling that Terem stands in the forest. Around nature and silence.

Go to the Museum of the Park "Berendevka" and listen to the beliefs and traditions of people who lived in the territory of Kostroma many years ago.

One of the houses of the hotel Berendevka in Kostroma

Within the price Enabled breakfast – buffet. Rooms are decorated in the country house: the smell of wood, wrought-iron furniture and motley curtains.

Boutique Hotel Ostrovsky Pier

If you are without personal vehicles or just want to live in the center – choose a boutique hotel Ostrovsky Pier.

He is right on the Volga, in the building of the former river station.

Hotel &# 171; Ostrovsky pier&# 187; on the Volga / Photo with Booking.Com

You will be offered Very satisfying and varied breakfast, which is included in the cost and bright room overlooking the river or city. In addition, it is The very center of the city.

Try to book a hotel in advance. The closer to the New Year holidays, the less free numbers.

New Year’s program offers an eco-hotel Romanov Forest.

Accommodation with the opportunity to visit the pool daily, use the sports equipment and enjoy nature will cost it somehow, but according to the experience of happening there, it is worth it.

Kostroma – a great option to spend here New Year. Where to go to the New Year holidays in Kostroma, you will find exactly.

This ancient city with a rich history. There are many New Year’s attractions, where you and your children will surely meet and Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

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