Where to go to the Czech Republic and what to see?

Go to the Czech Republic for several days or just plan to go there?

Learn how unforgettable and interesting to spend a week without limiting yourself only inexpensive Prague.

What is rich and famous for the Czech Republic?

  • Healing thermal sources;
  • Medieval castles and fortresses;
  • Natural reserves;
  • cheap museums and attractions;
  • Spa resorts.

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Organized excursions to the Czech Republic

Today the choice of excursions in the Czech Republic is really impressive.

Popular excursions often include visiting one of the cities of the Czech Republic and Castle, or a hail with wine tasting.

Often, the excursion program includes a visit to Karlovy Var or Moravian Beauty.

However, it is possible to organize a tour and most importantly, everything is pretty thinking about and planning. Below a few entertaining excursions.

Grad Pernstein and Lednice Castle

Grad Pernstein is located on the rocks near the town of Nedleva.

Once in the castle, you will charm the history of the Middle Ages, its narrow transitions that connect the horned tower and a central building, dizzying stairs, real apartments and yards-wells.

Many historical films and Czech fairy tales were held in Pertstein. Lednice castle spread out on the bank of the river.

The castle was surrounded by an amazing French garden and an English Park, considered one of the most romantic in the Czech Republic.

Medieval show in the estate Detit

During this excursion, you can visit the castle of Detitle and ancient brewer of the castle.

Grad Detitle refers to the Renaissance Epoch.

Tourists want to get here to sense themselves with the European Proshirt of the XVI century:

  • Sit in the medieval tavern;
  • Enjoy food prepared on open fire and entertainment of valiant knights.

All this is available as part of an unforgettable medieval entertainment show.

Tel &# 8212; Castle Chervena Lhota &# 8212; Treburn

Castle Chervena Lhota

Chervena Lhota – two-storey castle complex in four wings with a small courtyard in the center.

This castle is distinguished not only by its exterior, but also what occupies a whole island, and the south-west wing of the palace stands directly in water.


Tosburn – one of the most beautiful resorts of the Czech Republic.

It is located in a hood, surrounded by forests and numerous lakes.

Melnik castle with wine tasting in his cellars

The castle is located in a picturesque place, from where an amazing view of the famous Mount Rzhip, which was gone to the forefather Czech.

The castle is erected in the Renaissance style and decorated with great drawings.

Walls of the castle are impregnated by the secrets of the aristocracy of the past centuries, and different incredible facts will tell professional guides.

In the castle you will be offered to see the collection of crystal and porcelain, hunting trophies, Gothic wine cellars with wine tasting.

How to organize a carpet in the Czech Republic?

What could be better than wheeing on interesting sites of the Czech Republic by car and choose where to go and what to see.

on the car in the Czech Republic

Here are several main advantages of the auto-trip:

  • Price. It can be significantly saved by refusing the services of guides and tour operators;
  • Mobility. No binding to a group or public transport;
  • Intensity. During the same time, you can see much more than it offer ordinary excursions.

Rent a car in the Czech Republic

What places in the Czech Republic should be visited by car?

So, ready? Go!

The reserve enchants in incredible natural variety and large cultural and architectural heritage.

Ruins of the Gothic Fortress of the Cape, Yizers Mountains, Krkonosh and Prague

Ruins of the Gothic Fortress Cane

The main dominant of the Czech paradise is the ruins of the Gothic Fortress of the Cane, which is two fortress towers.

Walking on the towers, you will open up the view of the Yizers Mountains, Krkonosh and Prague.

The region is famous for its scaling cities and labyrinths, namely Prakhov Rocks, admire numerous paths among the rocks.

In no case do not miss a visit to the Hrukowkal City and the Castle of Grob Rock, which towers on the top of the rocky city.

Lovers of fabulous castles will have to do the impregnable Castle of the Coast or Hilarhra, made in French-style.

Moravian Kras

Caves of the Moravian Beauty

Annually crowd of tourists come to see and stroll through the exciting caves of the beauty.

The Air Force is approximately 1100 caves, of which tourists are offered to visit 5 caves.

You can swim on a boat along the underground River Paracli, see specific limestone formations Heltite sculptures created by nature for millions of years.

Karlovy Vary

Famous Czech resort with 12 healing sources similar to chemical composition, but different in the capacity of carbon dioxide and temperature (from 30 to 72 ° C).

In Karlovy Varya are sent to plunge into hot mineral springs, will be deposited in one of the spa hotels, to hold a romantic weekend and taste a well-known "Becheriki".

From the Looking Tower "Diana" a beautiful view of Karlovy Vary opens. You can go on top or climb on the funicular.

Among attractions:

  1. Fortress of becks;
  2. Lock lock;
  3. Orthodox Church of Peter and Paul;
  4. It is also interesting to visit the Moser Glass Museum.


Mariansk-Lazne are a healing resort, due to the presence of unique natural and therapeutic mineral sources.

Mariansk-Lazne is located in the wedding forest valley at an average of 630 m above sea level and directly replete with the wealth of natural healing sources.

On a relatively small territory of the city beat the key of 40 mineral springs, and in the nearby surroundings of their more than a hundred.

The local surroundings are literally saturated with natural attractions and architectural monuments.


The one who visited this romantic and distinctive city will agree that Krumlov has something to surget even with the Prague itself.

Fabulous Krumlovsky Castle where you can feed together bears, burghers and scenic streets, sinking in gardens and colors.

In Krumlov, many fascinating museums, excellent restaurants and cafes often pass all sorts of festivals and celebrations.

Be sure to check the main attractions:

  1. Church of St. Vita;
  2. City Hall;
  3. Where to go to the Czech Republic and what to see
  4. Plague Pillar.


This city received the title of the European Capital Culture.

Having visited Pilsen, it is worth climbing the highest tower of the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, look at the third largest synagogue in the world and stroll through the historical center.

After going on a tour of the "Plzen holiday" plant, you will get acquainted with the unique antique technology of beer production Pilsner Urquell known to everyone under the Pils brand.

Children will be interested to go to the zoo, walk through the Botanical Garden, go to the Wax Museum and see dinosaurs reproduced in full growth by visiting the day.


Widow enjoy the panoramic view of the historic city, you can rising the 72-meter Black Tower.

Take a look at the city tower with three tower, throw a coin into a fountain on the square with the statue of Samson, go to the Cathedral of St. Mikulas and wander in the garden of the Dominican Monastery and try the famous "Budweiser".

Be sure to visit the Grand Castle of Deep over Vltava, which is erected by the similarity of the English Windsor Castle.

Located a fortress near the city on a lonely hill breathing in a wonderful park.

Picturesque locks near Prague

For such a small country, this is a stunning amount, well, for a tourist, the widest choice.

This selection presents the most amazing and exciting castles and palaces, located 30-50 minutes from Prague.

Castle Karlstein

Just 28 km southwest Prague on a 72-meter rock Emperor Karl IV Holded Karlstein.

Despite elegance, the fortress of centuries remained one of the most impregnable in Europe.

The lock is open for tourists only with a guide that will not let you skip the interesting catches of the castle and will fascinatingly tell about his history.

Castle Konopiste

Konopiste is 48 km south-east of the Czech capital.

The fortress founded the bishop of Tobiash in the XIII century, which was then repeatedly reconstructed.

English park with rose bushes and peacocks landed around the castle.

Every year more than 800 thousand from the state treasna stands out. Doll., which are only partially reimbursed from the income from tourists.

Czech Czech Sternberg

Czech Czech Sternberg

In 50 km from Prague on the rocky gorge over the river Sazava, an impregnable medieval castle belonging to the notable genus of Sternbergs.

Unique is the fact that in almost 2 centuries the castle never changed the owners.

In the castle, you can consider the genealogical tree of Sternberry from 6 generations consisting of 63 portraits of ancestors.

Castle Krhivoklat

Grad spread out in the embossed area in the valley of the Berounka River among dense forest 55 km from Prague. Krshivoclat is a hunting castle of aristocrats who are tired of urban life.

Here you will see a knightly hall with gothic sculptures, the royal library, hunting trophies and a baroque collection of a sled.

Now in former hunting grounds – a natural reserve, protected by UNESCO.

Castle Chateau Barochko (Liberty)

Libar Castle was built on the project of the Italian architect Aliprandi and is considered a baroque pearl country.

After the recent reconstruction in the hotel’s lock complex, the main castle building in the style of Baroque, the Gothic Catholic Catholic Church of St. Vaclav and the Lake of the Gothic Park with a real lake.

Today, entertainment activities are often held in the castle – knightly tournaments and medieval balls, as well as wedding ceremonies.

Issue tourist medical insurance

Cities in which can be reached by train or bus from Prague

Plunge into ethnic flavor, go to the Czech outback, visit Impressant locks and palaces, drilling parks and eccentric Czech cities, with eases can be used by public transport.

Below here is a list of places where it is worth visiting every tourist.


The city of Kutna-Mount is founded in the second half of the XIII century and was the second in the richness of the city in the kingdom due to silver mines.

In the village of the saddle there is a cemetery church of all saints with a coster laid out by human skulls and bones.

For questionable finishing of the chapel, more than 40 thousand. Human skeletons. Cathedral of St. Barbarian, the most outstanding architectural monument of the Kutn Mountain.

The temple is built in latex style and is considered the second largest and significance in the Czech Republic.

The city center, together with the temple, are protected by UNESCO.

No less interesting and much less gloomy town Brno. Numerous museums are discovered in Brno, including the Moravian Gallery.

It contains a wide collection of art and exhibits of different eras.

Brno Center filled with numerous architectural monuments: Gothic cathedrals, Town Hall, Baroque and Renaissance Epoch.

Here is a beautiful castle of Spielberk, Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Old Town Hall.


Telch is also called "Czech Venice", due to the fact that he is surrounded by water and it gives him a special charm.

In the city, it is nice to walk around Zharyash Square, considering the statues and colorful facades, decorated with rare frescoes, wander through the old town on the shore of the lake.

Telic castle is known as Gothic hail with elements of Italian decor, lakes, museum exposition and greenhouse.

The castle is popular among tourists also because it has been preserved to this day almost in prior.


Once tiebor arose as a fortified camp of the Gusitsky movement.

The times of the uprisers and the military have long passed, and today it is a cute provincial city with the ruins of the valiant castle, wagging paved streets, gothic churches and houses in the style of Renaissance and Baroque.

Rising to the Tower of Preobrazhensky Cathedral, you can contemplate the panoramic view of the city, and descending into the dungeon you can wander in medieval maze.

In the city of the last twenty years in a row, the famous festival "Beer Print".


Liberec – a small town with a huge selection of entertainment.

In winter, tourists come to ride skiing and snowboarding, in summer – lovers of outdoor activities, hiking and cycling, incredible landscapes.

A spectacular view of the city opens with a yested TV on Mount, where you can also have dining or staying at the hotel.

Liberecksky Town Hall in an unfulfilled style, Valdshtein houses, churches and museums will charm connoisseurs of history.


As you can see from the article, beautiful places in the Czech Republic a huge amount and visit them is not only an excursion tour, but also on your own bus or on a personal car!

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