Where to go to the CIS in the summer

Pandemic has violated plans for recreation. But it is not necessary to commit long flights to a European or African country to sow on the beach. After all, there is a comfortable stay nearby in the CIS countries.


Luxury beaches, warm climate, recreational institutions – all this is in Georgia. Here everyone will try delicious wines for himself, exquisite national dishes: there is no limit to Georgian hospitality.

The most popular destination is considered Batumi. This city never sleeps. During the day – shopping, sport, outdoor activities, and at night youth wakes up, which occupies places in nightclubs and on dance floors.

Kobuleti – this is a place to improve. It is here that most of the pretractories and sanatoriums are located. On Green Cape, as a rule, relaxing couples with children, elderly people.


Perhaps the most comfortable and developed resort in Azerbaijan – Baku. Tourist and beach life come to life from mid-April. The city is able to surprise its history and architecture, it is here that a huge number of institutions with local dishes. If there is a desire to fix your health, then go to Recruit. It is here that a huge amount of forest plantations, pure mountain air, a lot of healing sources.


Tourist and wellness life is concentrated around and along Lake Issyk – Kul. Guests and tourists attract healing water, Mountain Tian – Shan, Forest arrays, hot springs.

Where to go to the CIS in the summer


Abkhazia has long become a popular tourist destination for us. The climate of the country is soft, comfortable, air clean. Despite the fact that the country’s economy is now not at the height, but here you can adequately relax, have hotels that work on the system: everything is included. But you can find a budget holiday. In addition, from Adler to Abkhazia it is convenient to get.

Pitsunda, Gagra, Sukhum – Here is an incomplete list of tourist places. It is here that there is a wide beach strip with shallow pebbles, clean water and excellent air. And entertainment in Abkhazia.

Day You can visit the beaches, architectural objects, and at night it is better to walk on the waterfront, visit the cafe with good wine and local cuisine, listen to live music.

In order to relax with soul and body, it is not necessary to go far, pay attention to the resorts of the CIS countries. It is in these countries that can be decent and fiscal. Most often accommodation can be found on arrival in the country. Resting, home can be brought not only the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčimpressions, but also a bunch of sweets, souvenirs.

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