Where to go to Southeast Asia in 2018

Only on the flight will have to spend a good amount. However, love for Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam will not be able to kill nothing. It is very pleasant to relax here not only because in these parts you can find incredible beauty, but also because there is a very loyal policy of the state.

In Southeast Asia, it is almost impossible to find the country in which tourism would not develop. It can be said that in one country he will be more massive, and in another &# 8211; a little less.

What can I go to Southeast Asia

First of all over the sea, the sun and quiet beaches. Here this wealth is enough. Travel agents sincerely wish to please their customers. So you can count on high-quality service. For no accident, one of the states in this region call a country of smiles. You really will be widely and sincerely smile.

Go to Southeast Asia stands and then to experience surprise, delight. Here you can meet rare animals, majestic volcanoes, interesting folk traditions. There is a huge number of ancient wealth and values ​​in this region, interesting and unusual culture here. You will have an unforgettable impression from the ancient Buddhist monuments.

  • Ancient wealth and unusual culture

Like South-East Asia and diving lovers, as well as other similar entertainment. Vietnamese diving has long been recognized as one of the best in the world in terms of quality ratio. Surfing in Malaysia is becoming increasingly popular every year.

What places it is better to visit

In Southeast Asia, all roads are fixed in Bangkok . This is the starting point of travel throughout Asia. Also interesting will be a trip by the Mekong River Delta by bike. It must be emphasized that on bicycles you will be more interesting to travel than on boats or buses.

You do not have to go only by major roads. So you can see extraordinary beauty. You will be able to feel yourself a traveler studying places in your own will than a tourist who has to look at what he is shown. If you are an experienced cyclist, you can easily go to an independent trip.

Where to go to Southeast Asia in 2018
  • National Park in Vietnam and Temples of Thailand

Be sure to visit Vietnam National Park . Here is the best that is in this country &# 8211; natural beauty. There are magnificent landscapes, you will have the opportunity to see rare and unusual animals, calm and peace reigns here.

Take a look at the temples in Thailand. You can focus our attention on the main attractions: Sukhotai and Ayuta . Here you can get acquainted with the daily life of the Thai village. But we wonder the monkeys who are hyperactive here and can steal anything directly from the hands.

If you wish to simply relax, come to the calm town of Sihanoukville . Here you can relax from urban noise and bustle. Be sure to visit the island of Tonsey . It is also called a rabbit island. Here you can relax in the cozy bungalows, try fresh seafood dishes with burning pepper.

Attractions Cambodia

Southeast Asia is one of the safest seats. Political passions do not boil here, drama do not flare up. Everything is quiet enough and calm. So you can safely travel here with both guidebooks and yourself.

  • Complex from ancient temples-Angkor

If you find yourself in Cambodia, visit a unique place &# 8211; Angkor &# 8211; complex from the oldest temples. To be here and not visit Angkor &# 8211; this is silly . How many days you need to inspect this attraction depends only on you. Tickets are selling at least a day. The longer you decide here to be, the cheaper you will cost you.

If you went for a month, spend about 10 days in Vietnam, another 10 days in Thailand, 5 days in Singapore and Malaysia. Such a journey will be very rich and interesting. Some really like rest in the Philippines. It all depends on your taste.Playing your holiday!

Where to go to Southeast Asia in 2018

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