Where to go to see Santa Claus

Exactly 22 years ago Santa Claus got his own home in Veliky Ustyug and takes guests there all year round. You can visit it as yourself, by train or car, and organized with the group.

In the residence in Great Ustyug, children are waiting for theatrical performance, games, contests, riddles, meetings with funny characters on the fairy tale trail and visiting the House of Santa Claus. Children find out where he keeps their letters, sleeps, works, look into the dressing room, office, library, gifts, christmas rooms, wishes, designs, important cases, and will be able to communicate with the wizard and get a gift. Additionally, you can look into the blacksmiths of Santa Claus and fashion house, where the craftsmen sew the costumes of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden: Here the child can try himself as a fashion designer, come up with a New Year’s dress, make a doll-Beregin and take part in a costume defile.

Even Santa Claus has a winter garden, a zoo and amusement park, you can ride horses, snowy motorcycles, skiing, skating and sleigh. With housing problems should not be: settlement in the hotel complex «The patrimony of Santa Claus», In the village house or at the hotel of New Ustyug.

Where: Vologda region, 12 km from Veliky Ustyug, Red Red 128.

When: New Year’s performances will go all December and January. Every Sunday at 12:00 theatrical performance on the stage at the Santa Claus Terema . From January 1 to January 8, individual excursions without applications are possible only after 18:00.

How much: up to three years old — free, tickets 1050-1900 USD In January, tickets are more expensive than in December. Tour «Train to Santa Claus»: 17 900 rubles for people . for three days.

Site: DOM-DM.Ru

New Year celebrated in the third millennium BC. NS. in Mesopotamia.

On January 1, it became the beginning of the year by the will of the Roman emperor Julia Caesar in 46 BC.NS.

Kostroma Snow Maiden

Only here you can make a sightseeing tour of Kostroma with a guide-Snow Maiden and celebrate the New Year at any time of the year.

The residence of the Kostroma Snow Maiden consists of the Academy of Snowy Wonders, the Music Living Room, the rooms of miracles and the mail of the Snow Maiden, where everyone can order a letter from the Snow Maiden on any holiday and send it to the Magic Conveyor. Santa Claus’s granddaughter with Assistants in Cat Bayun and Domov will tell about what she is engaged in all year round, will show a dressing room, will introduce fairy-tale friends: news, chapel, clever and chief academician. Academy teachers will hold a master class on the manufacture of a New Year’s mask, toys, textile dolls and teach to create a puppet theater with their own hands.

In general, the Kostroma Snow Maiden is extremely active: she holds quest-games, arranges traveling to the country of dogs Husky and takes guests at any time of the year.

Where: Kostroma, ul. Simanovsky, 11 and ul. Camp 38, Terem Snow Maiden.

When: From December 16, 2020 to January 10, 2021. December 31, 2020 and January 1, 2021 — weekend.

How much: from 150 rubles. Two-day tour by bus from Moscow — 8500 rubles in two days.

Site: Snegurochkadom.RU, TEREMSNEGUROCHKI.Ru

On January 1, first was a day off in Russia in 1898 (according to the law «On the duration and distribution of working hours in the institutions of the factory and mining industry» from 1987). After the February Revolution, the new year was canceled «as a counter-revolutionary, imbued with the idea of ​​bourgeois falconity and Popovsky obsobesia. Since 1947, January 1, again became a holiday

«The kingdom of permafrost» in Yakutia and spa

Only here it is possible to be on a pole of cold in the village of Oymyakon, where the temperature minimum is fixed —71,2 °WITH. All over the world there are no more places where at such low temperatures people constantly live and work.

11 years ago in Yakutia, the hill of Chero Murana, 10 km from Yakutsk, opened an unusual ice cave from Yakutsk «The kingdom of permafrost». This is a huge dungeon in which stocks of products were kept in Soviet times, and now tourists entertain. Throughout the year, it is possible to wander here on the injured tunnels, to see the highlighted ice sculptures, to visit the Lord of the Lord of the Hodge of the Holowkhan and the apartments of the head of the our Santa Claus, who comes here from the Great Ustyug for cold. There is also a ceremonial lounge for weddings, ice sculptures in the form of Santa Santa Claus and in the form of a socket, a hall where you can see the sculpture of an icy person, the host of the North .

In the kingdom of permafrost in winter and summer, approximately the same temperature: from – 6 BE – 15 °S, so in the cold season, local residents go there to get root. In the new year, a view with fabulous heroes is played here: Baba Yaga and Yakut in winter. And at the end of March, grandfathers from all over the world come to the Oymyakon on the annual festival «Pole Cold», to return the cold to the rightful owner of Beauty. By the way, in Yakutia there is a second Santa Claus — Ehee Dwyl, in the world Gavriil Spiridonovich Ugarov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Writer, Inventor: In 1999, he invented and embodied the image of the New Year’s Wizard of the Republic of Sakha and on a par with the Lord of the Hodge, the Lord of the Cold, participates in all New Year.

Where: Mount Kochur Muran 7 km, 1, Yakutsk.

When: January 3, 2021 – January 10, 2021.

How much: 350-500 rubles. Eight-day «Expedition on the Pole Cold» — 119 000 RUB. with person plus alone flights.

Santa Claus first appeared in our literature in 1840 as a character «Fairy tales grandfather Irinea» Vladimir Odoevsky. Called him frost Ivanovich. The image of the wizard, personifying the cold and winter, existed in Slavic mythology from a long time under the nicknames of frost, a student or a cracker.

Udmurt Father Frost

Only here Santa Claus plays a harmony and sings, and in a cafe in a wood-burning furnace prepare an ancient Udmurtian national dish, open cheesecakes with egg, meat, potatoes and other fillings.

In Udmurtia, His Santa Claus — Tol Babai (translated from Udmurt — Cold-old man). Tol Babai works all year round: in winter congratulates and presents gifts, in the spring and summer teaches children of ecology, the ecological cross is conducted in the fall. In the New Year in the Residence in Sharcan, he will receive guests in his Wooden Tereme and play the presentation along with fabulous characters: Lymäl’s granddaughter, Baba-Yaga, Lesus and Water. Children will get acquainted with rustic life, entertain New Year’s program and ride on Tubelges from Sharcan Mountains.

When: From December 9 to January 12, except December 31 and January 1.

How much: 700 rubles. — Adult, 650 USD — Children’s up to three years — is free.

Where: Udmurtia, Sharkan district, Sharkan village.

Site: Tolbabay.net

The first electric garland was invented by American Edward Jones and decorated his Christmas tree in 1882. Three years later, the garland sparkling with fires hung on the Christmas tree at the White House in Washington. In Russia, the first garland appeared only in 1938

Karelian Father Frost

Only here Santa Claus is young, Bezboroz and lives in a plauma. New Year’s wizard competitions and their granddaughters are held every year. You can ride to the Valaam on the airbag vessel.

Karelian Santa Claus comes to our grandchildren. The image of the youth and eternally idling merchant Packkaine was invented quite recently to attract tourists to the town of Olonets. The name of the Packka is translated as a froze, according to the legend, the character was born on December 1 in a strong frost in the way when parents returned from the Fair. Karelian frost entertains its guests, taking part in their active games and constantly accompanying them, acquaintance with Karelian crafts and folk games. And the Snow Maiden and funny gnomes help him. After a rich and active program, guests drink tea with fragrant forest berries and herbs with Karelian pie and famous gifts, they receive sweet gifts and take pictures of memory with Santa Claus and his assistants. In the residence of Packane, sports games, riding on deer sleds, dogs husky and horses, can be participated in the manufacture of traditional faiths and other souvenirs, ride on the checkers, skiing, sledding, and after it will be warm in the our bath.

Where: Republic of Karelia, g. Olonets, Ul 30th anniversary of Victory, 8.

When: From mid-December to the end of the New Year holidays.

How much: from 13 800 rubles (3 days).

Where to go to see Santa Claus

The tradition of appeals to the ours a few minutes before the New Year introduced Leonid Brezhnev in 1970. After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, the ours heard the New Year’s appeal from Mikhail Zadornov. Satirik did not meet in the allotted time, and the battle of the chimes sounded for a minute later

Tatar Santa Claus

Only here guests experience Shaitan.

Tatar Santa Claus Kysh Babai with his Snow Maiden named Kar Kizie lives 70 km from Kazan in the village of New Kyrlay in the Arc area on the River Ia. To see the wizard, children need to pass the forest customs: the tests will be arranged by the fabulous heroes Shaitan (Damn), Shurale (Naughty Forest Herbal Spirit), Funny Tatar Witch Atents of Carchek, Fearless Tatar Batter Batyr, Two Beloved Tahir and Zong (Romeo and Juliet), Snake Morehak, two snowmen and three shauyan. Then guests fall into the house of Kysh Babai, water dance, take pictures, make a desires, children sing songs, tell poems and get a festive scroll letter with printing. On the territory of the residence there is a rink, slides, hotel, restaurant, you can ride horses. House of Tatar Santa Claus enters the golden fabulous ring of Russia, which came up with the Creator of the Fairy Card of Russia Alexey Kozlovsky.

Where: Tatarstan, Arsky District, Village New Kyrlay .

When: From November 29, 2020, submission at 11:00 and 13:00.

How much: children from two to six years — 1700 rubles ., pupils — 2200 rub, adults — 1500 2450 rubles. New Year’s tour in Kazan «Travel, playing in the forest fairy tale Babai» for 2021 costs from 19,780 rubles. With a person, a child at an extra place (up to 11 years old) — from 16 140 rubles. Children up to five years without space and nutrition for free.

Site: Tatar-Moroz.Ru

Hit «The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree» appeared at the beginning of the XX century. Poem «Christmas tree» was published in the Christmas issue of the magazine «Malytka» In 1903 under the pseudonym «A.NS.». Two years later, it turned into a song thanks to the composer Leonid Beckman. It is curious that the author of the words of Raisa Adamovna Kudasheva did not know about the fate of his poem, until he heard in 1921 on the train, as a girl sings her «Christmas tree».

Buryat Santa Claus

Only here Santa Claus lives in Yurt.

If one new year is not enough, you can note the second time in February on Baikal, along with the Buryat Santa Coroza Sagan Ughan. Buryats worship a white elder as an ancient Buddhist deity, symbolizing wisdom, calm, peace, longevity, wealth, family values, and celebrate Sagalgan’s holiday with him — New Year on the Eastern Calendar. In 2021, Sagaalgan falls on February 12.

On this occasion, festive festivities will take place with the participation of the pile of sheds of frost and snow maiden in the residence of Sagan Ugman in Ulan-Ude, which opened in February of this year. Near the yurt installed a fabulous verst, indicating the directions and distances to the place of birth or residence of other heroes. The same versta is near the Snow Maiden in Kostroma and in Karelian Packane.

Sagalgan’s holiday in 2021 includes not only sacral rituals, meditations in Dacahn, but also traditions, the customs of the kind. A whole month of the holiday allows you to visit the most distant relatives, to have gifts, take guests.

Where: Ulan-Ude, p. Upper Berezovka, Ethnographic Museum of the Peoples of Transbaikalia.

When: 12th of February — Eastern New Year Sagalgangan

How much: Three-day New Year’s tour in Ulan-Ude with a visit to the residence of Sagan Ugman and committing a rite of worship of the White Starta from December 31 to January 2 — from 20 800 rubles.

There is a place on earth where you can meet the new year twice – This is the islands of Diomide in the Bering Strait between Chukotka and Alaska. The StateBrain between the United States and Russia passes between the Islands Small (Kruzenshtern Island) and Big Diomid (known as Ratmanova Island), there is a line change line. our border guards first in Russia meet New Year on. Ratmanov, where there is nothing but a military base, then they can sail four km to about. Kruzenshtern and meet the New Year once again in a day with local Eskimos (there are only 200 people there, there is a school and a store). Fortunately no visas for this do not need. Time difference between the islands — 24 hours

Santa Claus from Belovezhskaya Forest

Only here you can meet bison – Rare animals from the kind of bizonov entered in the International Red Book.

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