Where to go to rest: Turkey resorts

Turkey resorts &# 8211; This is a favorite place of rest of our tourists. Here Huge selection of hotels for every taste and wallet, And for relatively little money you can get a good service and a lot of positive impressions from resting on the sea. Besides, Lovers of historical and old monuments, expect exciting excursions, and amazing beauty Eastern architecture.

Nature of Turkish resorts causes admiration at any time of the year &# 8211; And I would like to note that you can relax well in Turkey not only during the summer holidays, but on the winter holidays. There are many ski resorts that are quite possibly not so popular with us, as a summer holiday in Turkish hotels, however, if you love winter holidays in the mountains, you can quite think about a trip to Turkey.

Turkey resorts

Turkey has access to four seas &# 8211; Mediterranean, Aegean, Black and Marble. In principle, choose to rest on the coast of the sea &# 8211; Personal business of each tourist. However, it should be remembered that most popular resorts are located on the coast of Mediterranean and the Aegean seas, therefore, and the service is better there.

In Turkey Each resort has its own characteristics, And each tourist can choose exactly the place where he will be more interesting to hold his vacation. So, lovers Surfing and diving most often go to Bodrum, This place is also very suitable for nightlife lovers. Most Calm rest on quiet, comfortable beaches of Marmaris. But B Fethiye many free municipal beaches.

If you want to combine Rest on the beach with shops shopping, cafe and entertainment centers, it is better to go to Antalya. In addition, when choosing a resort for recreation, you can be guided by the following rule &# 8211; If you want to conduct an active holiday, with a visit not only to the beach, but also all sorts of entertainment centers, shops and t.D., then choose a hotel in a major city. And vice versa, if there is a desire to spend vacation in silence and solitude, then you should choose a small town.

Features and rules for recreation in Turkey resorts

Naturally, the more stars at the hotel, the more service it offers, but also, respectively, the higher the accommodation fee. Usually, Good hotels have their own beaches, For which foreign access is forbidden. So, enjoy the rest on the beach can only be surrounded by the hotel’s guests. In addition, about this rule &# 8211; On the ban of access to the beaches of the hotel, you should remember if you suddenly want to swim somewhere else.

In addition, you should know that You can swim only before sunset. Explain such a ban too much &# 8211; At night, saving a sinking person quite difficult. The flows of the coast are quite strong, therefore, do not risk their lives for the sake of dubious pleasure to swim in the dark.

Where to go to rest the resorts of Turkey

Besides, Most beaches of Turkey are considered one of the cleanest. This should be remembered, and, of course, not to violate the local ecology. After all, tourists, despite the fact that they pay their holidays, still only guests in this beautiful country, and behave impossible.

Turkish resorts &# 8211; this is An ideal place to relax with children. Almost all hotels have playgrounds with pools, small water attractions, and other entertainment. Children’s animators offer children to participate in all sorts of competitions, quiz, discos &# 8211; Such entertainment is provided for kids in all hotels in the late afternoon. A Here in hotels is more expensive, animators can deal with children all day &# 8211; Here children are left in special children’s clubs under the supervision of animators. For more adult children, entertaining hotels include all sorts of discos and parties.

In addition to fascinating excursions on numerous Sights of Turkey (Sofia Cathedral, "Chimera" on Mount Takhtaly, Cleopatra Island with the Temple of Apollo and T.D.) Here you can do diving, rafting, quadrosafari, visit numerous water parks, make cycling, riding and walking along the nearby surroundings, engage in shopping (here is a large selection of leather and gold products). And for those who follow their appearance, Turkey resorts offer a large selection of massage salons, beauty salons and Turkish baths.

Being on vacation in Turkey, of course, it is impossible to deny yourself the pleasure to try Diverse oriental dishes, which are offered in numerous cafes. In addition, beautiful food is served in hotels &# 8211; Almost all hotels use a buffet system. Here the main thing is to remember that on the meal it is customary to come on time &# 8211; After the time settled on the food, all dishes are cleaned with tables.

So, if you want to get a magnificent vacation on the sea coast, combined with the ability to make exciting excursions, having fun at night-party and disco, engage in extreme sports and much more, then for you there is a single answer to the question where to go to rest &# 8211; You should go to Turkey resorts!

Where to go to rest the resorts of Turkey

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