Where to go to rest in the Rostov region on the weekend?

While the boundaries of some countries are closed, people have to go on travel around Russia. In fact, there is nothing terrible in this, since the our nature is rich in the presence of picturesque places, where you can relax in a few days.

It is rides for the weekend, which will not last long, help recharge and tune in to work in the usual mode.

In the Rostov region there are a lot of recreation sites, where you can meet with sandy beaches, a clean lake, and also go fishing.

Country Club "Melekhov"

This club is famous for being created in Cossack style, where you can dine in a beautiful our restaurant with a Cossack cuisine, as well as retire in a gazebo right on the lake. And also you can see Indian motifs that are combined with pride griffs and the sculptures of the Indians. Against the background of these sculptures, you can make beautiful photos that will remind you of holidays.

May holidays are excellent time in order to go To the lake and relax from urban fuss. If you decide to go for a few days to rest along with your children, then they will also do something, since the club has pools and pure sand.

Khutor Merzhanovo

Khutor Merzhanovo is on the shore Azov Sea. This place very much like Taganrojs and Rostovchans, since the locality is characterized by picturesque nature. Many in memory captured the lighthouse, which was built in 2017. It was built in order to remove the series, after which he became the attraction of the farm.

Where to go to rest in the Rostov region on the weekend

Park "Log"

This park is famous for nature painting and is located on the farm Old styal, where at the entrance the figures of the Cossacks and the Cossack. If you start walking through the park, then you will find a large number of waterfalls and lakes, where arbors along the coast are located. Also in the park there are rides, where you can see the sculptures of fairy creatures. So rest in this park will like not only adults, but also for children. In the Log Park, there is some variety of animals with which you can contact.

Khutor "Earozolotovsky"

There is a small number of people on this farm, but it does not prevent him from being the most beautiful. Houses in the inhabitants of this farm painted in the same color scheme: white color, blue color, blue color, yellow color, greens.

On this farm you can get acquainted with the museum, which is in the open sky. This museum is called "Silent Don". The museum is a copy of the farm, where the heroes of Roman Mikhail Sholokhov "Silent Don" lived. Therefore, this place is a special attraction of the Rostov region.

Where to go to rest in the Rostov region on the weekend

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