Where to go to rest in the fall – options for every autumn month

Autumn is dampness and bad weather, from which you want to escape away. In many countries, at this time, the velvet season: warm and cheap. We picked up for you several options for inspiration. About where you can spend an autumn vacation, read below.

Where to go to relax in the fall on the sea

The best beach destinations in the autumn months:

  • In Septembere – Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Krasnodar region;
  • In October – Israel, China (Hainan), Vietnam, Bali;
  • In November – UAE, Thailand, Goa, Egypt, Dominican Republic.

In September

September – Ideal time to visit the Mediterranean and Black Sea Resorts.

At this time, a pleasant sunny weather reigns here, and the sea is still happy with warm. Day air temperature in Turkey, Greece, Tunisia and Italy – about + 32-33 ° C, and the sea warms up to + 26-27 ° C.

You can significantly save on burning tours (from 18,000 rubles / person per week + Schengen visa for European countries) or independently find cheap flights (from 3000 rubles one way).

Resorts of these countries offer the countless number of sandy and pebble beaches, many of which are awarded the "Blue Flag".

Bulgaria resorts (take care of a visa) and the Krasnodar Territory is better to choose in the first half of September, when the weather is the most cloudless and warm (+ 27-31 ° C). Beaches here, mostly pebble, but comfortable and free. The cost of tours starts from 14,000 rubles / person per week.

If you want to combine holidays by the sea in Georgia (you need a passport) with the grape collection season, then choose the last week of the month. However, National holiday RTels continues until the end of autumn.

In October

Wineware Choice – Israeli Resort Eilat, Chinese Hainan, Vietnamese Muin and Tropical Bali Island.

Daytime temperature in October is usually + 30-32 ° C, free water to + 26-28 ° C.

Cheaper and easier to rest on sandy beaches of these resorts by a batch tour – Prices start from 30,000 rubles / person week. The most expensive will cost Bali.

Visas are not needed, We need only passport.

On the sea in November

In Thailand, Dominican and Indian Goa, November opens the "high" season: Air and water warm up to + 28-30 ° C, rains happen less often, and the storm is no longer disturbed serene sandy beaches.

In the November Egypt and the UAE there is no already suffocating heat, the water temperature is comfortable (+ 26-29 ° C). The most profitable vacation option in these countries is a ticket (from 25,000 rubles / person in a week).

For a trip you will need a passport. In the UAE and Egypt, the visa is put on arrival, and for rest in Goa visa need to be issued in advance.

Where to go autumn in Russia

The best holiday destinations in Russia in the autumn months:

  • In September – Krasnodar Territory, Azov, Crimea, Kaliningrad;
  • In October – Stavropol Territory, Caspian Cities, Baikal, Karelia;
  • In November – Kola Peninsula, Arkhangelsk region.

In September

First autumn month – golden time for trips in Russia.

On the Black Sea coast reign present summer (+ 25-30 ° C). Beaches are filled with resting, festivals and holidays are held ("Stereo Point", "New Wave", "Oh, yes! Food!").

In the Azov and Crimea no longer so hot (+ 22-28 ° C), but the weather quite has a lot of sports and water sports. In September, the price tag for tours drops significantly, the lucky ones can "snatch" a ticket for only 6-8 thousand rubles per week.

To save on tickets in Kaliningrad (from 4000 rubles in both directions), choose September. The weather here is unpredictable and in the summer, but the first autumn month is consistently pleased with warm and clear days (up to + 25 ° C).

In October

Baikal, Stavropol, Karelia and Caspian cities in October – the choice of romantics and creative natures.

From multicolored autumn landscapes breathtaking, the real extravagania of the paints is unfolding around. In October, there is cool – at night, the thermometer column can fall to -3 ° C. But you can completely enjoy the peace and unique beauty of the taiga, a serene Caspiana, dense northern forests and mountain peaks.

Pleasant Bonus – Low Paragraphs: With good scenario, flight will cost only 3-4 thousand rubles.

In November

All of the above directions are good and in November, however, the northern regions offer special "entertainment" – polar radiance.

In November, on the Kola Peninsula and in Arkhangelsk, the thermometer column holds at 0 ° C, there are often negative temperatures. But in the hunt for the magical northern lights, no weather whims are scary.

Yes, and the trip will not hit the pocket: a ticket in one direction by plane from Moscow costs about 2000-4000 rubles, you can get on the train or car at times cheaper.

Where to go autumn with a child

In the autumn months with children can be visited:

  • Sea resorts;
  • water parks;
  • EcoPherima and zoos;
  • educational museums;
  • Amusement parks.

On marine resorts

Affectionate Sun, Warm Sea, Juicy Greens – Seaside Resorts will become the best option for recreation with children in the fall.

I recommend to give preference to sandy beaches, as pebbles are not too convenient for small children’s legs. Excellent sandy beaches are in Turkey (Fethiye, Kusadasi, Kemer), in European resorts (Rimini, Ayia Napa, Nessebar), in Georgia (Ureki, Poti), and in the South Asian and Middle Eastern countries, sexy beaches are practically not found.

In water parks

Most Popular Water Parks:

  • Wild Wadi and Yas Waterworld in the UAE
  • Where to go to rest in the fall - options for every autumn month
  • Waterbom Bali in Indonesia.

These water parks work all year round – sometimes on the abbreviated schedule in October and November.

In zoos

Ecophers and zoos are interesting, whether it is a small nursery or a huge complex with thousands of inhabitants.

Special attention deserved Berlin Zoo (the oldest in Germany), Schönbrunn in Vienna and Singapore zoo, which traditionally rank to the best in the world. In Kaliningrad, too, an interesting zoo, built in the Penglish period.

In museums

Many modern museums know how to interest and captivate children. And if the weather did not hold down, it’s just not to find better entertainment.

In Berlin Be sure to visit Labyrinth Kindermuseum (one of the leading children’s museums in Europe), in Austrian Graz Go to Frida & Fred, v London Take a look in amazing Museum of children’s discovery.

V St. Petersburg Be sure to go to the Grand Mock of Russia.

In Moscow Children and parents will be interested in Museum of car stories and the Museum of Interesting Sciences Experimental.

Amusement parks

Parks with carousers, clowns and dizzying attractions – the best medicine from the autumn depression and children’s tears.

If you find yourself in Swedish Gothenburg, Ploy B Park Lisurg (autumn works only on weekends), in Verona, visit the children in Park Gardaland (in October and November a special schedule), visit in Dubai Legoland. And do not miss the chance to spend all day in the famous Parisian Disneyland.

Where to go without a visa

In the fall without a visa, you can relax in almost 150 countries around the world. For example:

  • Europe (Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia);
  • Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia);
  • Neighboring abroad (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia);
  • South America (Argentina, Brazil, Peru);
  • Caribbean Islands (Cuba, Dominican);
  • Middle East (Israel, Jordan, UAE);
  • Africa (South Africa, Mauritius, Tunisia, Morocco).

Full list of visa-free countries here&# 8230;

Most countries listed above have access to the sea or ocean. And you do not miss important events – like, for example, the collection of grapes in Georgia, which is written above.

Autumn rest without passport

If you do not have a passport, you should not worry – there are 5 countries that will take tourists without it.

Holidays in Tanzania: All you wanted to know about this mysterious country
  • Armenia; ;
  • Abkhazia; ; .

Autumn – the best time to visit them. Loading hotels, housing prices and air tickets falling (sometimes up to 500 rubles for one end flight), and nature is still fascinating. At the same time, the weather is the most comfortable for the whole year: without heat, dampness and steppe.

Autumn vacation in Europe

Rest in Europe is nice at any time of the year. In the autumn months here is beautiful and calmly, and in some places it is also very warm.

In autumn in Europe, it is best to rest:

  • in September – Southern Europe, Munich;
  • in October – Western and Eastern Europe;
  • In November – Northern Europe, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France.

To Europe in September

September – Universal Time for Europe, however, Southern Europe will give the most pleasant impressions.

In the tart of hot weeks of September, the beach season continues here, and the South Nature generous for the autumn gifts is treating the sweetness of ripe watermelons and peaches.

Oktoberfest passes in Munich. The famous beer festival lasts 16 days: from September 21 to November 6 in 2019.

This is a motley carousel of traditional costumes, delicious food, dancing and rivers of delicious beer.

You can get to Munich by car (about a day of driving from Moscow), with a train or by plane. Direct departures to Franz-Joseph Strauss Airport are from Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports. The ticket costs about 5-6 thousand rubles one way.

To Europe in October

Europe in October is incredibly beautiful and romantic: its cobbled streets, vintage locks and neat parks are highlighted by all shades of gold.

Back in October, a whole range of major festivals.

In London on October 3-6 The International Fair of Contemporary Art will be held Frieze Art Fair.

In Budapest October 2-18Cafe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival – More than 100 events in the field of design, literature, music, theater and dance.

October 19 in Amsterdam The festival of electronic music is held, collecting 40 thousand spectators annually.

In Prague October 12 It will be possible to dance on the largest party TRANSMISSION.

In November

In November, in the north and west of Europe starts Ski season.

The first days of the season – always noisy mass action, where every resort seeks to surprise the guests with something special. Palm Championship belongs to the Austrian resort Ishgl, who invites to the holiday of leading world musicians.

Sweet tooth will appreciate the annual chocolate festival Salon du Chocolat (October 30 – November 3), uniting more than 200 confectioners from around the world.

Rest in autumn months is an excellent chance to catch a special mood of European resorts and feel the autumn magic of native expanses.

Whatever direction you have chosen, the lesson in the soul will definitely find: whether it is a leisurely admoniming landscapes, beach holidays or carnivals and gastronomic festivals.

Autumn journey is a detox in pure form, which is required to everyone and everyone.

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