Where to go to rest in June 2021?

Today we will tell you about where you can go in June 2021 closer to the sea so that you do not lose with the water temperature and knew how much you need to postpone.

As you know, not all countries are ready for a beach holiday, as water does not have time to warm up. In early June, not all countries can boast warm water, so you need to choose those tours, walking in which you can fully enjoy warm water and take sunbathing.

In demand, such countries like: Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Georgia, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Krasnodar Territory. It is these countries to visit at the beginning of the month, since the water temperature varies from 24 to 30 °. If you are planning your vacation to start in mid-June, it is best to stay in Croatia and Montenegro, since the water temperature in the sea reaches 28 °.

You can also pay attention to Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba or Maldives, Since water in the sea reaches 28 °. The only disadvantage of these countries is unstable weather, as you can get under rain season.

So far, such countries are closed for entry like: Spain, Tunisia, Vietnam and Italy. But in this case, it is necessary to follow the news, since these countries can open, then close entry for tourists. We also want to inform you that Tunisia is Open country, But there it is necessary to serve two-day quarantine. So if you are not much confused by this moment, then you can go to this country and relax in comfort.

Where can I go in June without a visa?

Where to go to rest in June 2021

At the moment, six countries are open, where you can go without a visa abroad: Montenegro, Cyprus, Georgia, UAE, Egypt and Maldives. These are not the most cheap countries, but it is a comfortable stay.

Where can I go on a trip cheap?

The most inexpensive countries are Turkey, But at the moment she Closed for entry tourists. Bulgaria It is also an inexpensive place to relax, where you can play rustling and fill your day with various excursions and visits to restaurants where fresh fruits and berries will be. Tunisia also will not hit your budget, as it is an economy-option country. Unfortunately, you can upset the level of service, as in this country it is not high. Montenegro will please great prices and comfortable rest. The only thing that can embarrass you is the rainy season. But most often in Montenegro, relatively calm weather and comfortable water temperature in the sea for swimming.

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