Where to go to rest in Europe in September

In September, at sea resorts in Europe – the "velvet season", which collects on the azure coasts of real connoisseurs of beach holidays.

Why in September?

Relax on the warm coast in September, when the weather forecasts are becoming less optimistic, it is not worse than in the traditional summer months, because during this period:

It is the September "velvet season", when the sun is still in Zenith, and the water meets the temperature favorable for swimming, most comfortable for lovers of a beautiful natural sunburn and various types of active beach holidays.

Priority areas

Trips to the beach resorts in Europe in September are in constant demand. The most sought-after tours – to Greece, south of France and Cyprus, in Spain and Portugal. During this period, there are many different events and holidays, which allows tourists to make your holiday more interesting and varied.

Popular resorts

Choosing a tour, every traveler wonders: what European resorts are most attractive in September?

According to statistics, in the top 5 of the most favorable directions for a beach holiday in September, they entered:

1. Cyprus

In September, a heavy summer heat on the island retreats, it replaces soft heat. The water temperature reaches 24 o -26 about.

The most popular destinations – Limassol, the "most our" resort on the island, Ayia Napa and Paphos – resorts, with excellent sandy beaches focused on young people.

2. Spain

September in Spain – Siesta of the Year. The air temperature at this time does not exceed 30 o C, the water in the Mediterranean resorts reaches temperature 23 o -25 o.

Most popular areas: Costa Brava and Costa Blanca – Modern beach resort with excellently developed entertainment infrastructure, Costa del Garraf – Catalan resort with a relaxed and easy atmosphere and Ibiza – "Mecca" for youth, island resort with "round-the-clock" rhythm.

3. South France

Where to go to rest in Europe in September

The most prestigious resorts of France – Nice, Marseille, Antibes, Cannes – are located on the Cote d’Azur.

Tourists from all over the world attract the mild climate of the resorts of the French Riviera at the beginning of autumn (Temperature indicators of September: air to 32 o C, water – up to 26 o C), many cultural events passing at this time and the fascinating beauty of the coast.

4. Greece

Greece – the country, the territory and the islands of which are washed by four seas. In September, in the resorts of Greece, the heat was already changed by soft warmth, and the air temperature does not exceed 31 o -33 o C, and the water temperature in coastal waters is at least 26 o.

The most popular for beach holidays in September Island resorts of Greece – Corfu, Rhodes, Crete, Zakynthos, Santorini – Islands with luxurious sandy beaches and unique bays, ideal for tourists who are fond of diving.

5. Portugal

September – Optimal month for rest in Portugal. All resorts of Lisbon Riviera meet tourists with a comfortable air temperature, which does not rise above 25 o -27 o.

The most visited resort in Portugal – Algaus, which is famous for exotic beaches. Also in demand tours to the resorts of the Azores and Madeira, where all the conditions for sports maritime tourism have been established.

Where to go to rest in Europe in September

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