Where to go to rest in Asia

Do not forget to visit the Islamic Temple of the early XVII century and try delicious tea with traditional treats in one of the numerous tea.

Dinner in the underwater restaurant

Please your second half an unusual dinner in one of the first in the world of ITHAA Undersea Restaurant’s underwater restaurants located at a depth of about five meters in the Indian Ocean.

Maldives "Must Do":

Write big fish on fishing and say to make you prepared in a restaurant and sued dinner

  • Run into Iguanami.
  • Become a professional diver or surfer.
  • Master the skill of opening coconuts.
  • Admire the beautiful on the planet scenery.

Holidays in the Maldives will forever remain in your hearts!

Sri Lanka Resorts and Excursions

Sri Lanka is famous for its many resorts, marine beaches, stretching for many kilometers along the coastline, and a delightful underwater scenery.

Come to this Colombo-founded by Arab merchants, in order to watch the presidential palace with their own eyes, go through the Victoria Park and Chinamon Gardens Gardens. Also visit the Candy Valley with the famous temple of the Holy Tooth Buddha "Dalad Maligawa" and the sacred city of Anurapura with the most ancient tree on Earth – Bo.

Visit Sigiri’s Mountain Plateau, which is under the protection of UNESCO.

Dinner in the restaurant Beach Wadiya

Residents of Sri Lanka say that in the restaurant Beach Wadiya, located on the seafront, prepare the most delicious seafood. In this place you will not be offered the menu because there is no menu. Waiters will offer you to make a choice from those marine creatures that are now in the kitchen. The average price of dinner for two – approximately 1 500 rubles. It is advisable to order (of course, if it is at that moment in the kitchen) Omar Termidor and Crab cocktail.

Lankan "Must Do":

  • Climb the back of a huge stone lion on the Sigiri’s plateau.
  • Where to go to rest in Asia
  • Conduct a fortune telling on coconut – if you split it at a time, then the desire will certainly be fulfilled.
  • Calculate the number of statues of Buddha in the sanctuary of Dambulla.
  • Treat an elephant something delicious. By the way, the elephant in this country is considered to be a sacred animal.
  • See the tree planted by the our king by Nikolai II.

Indonesia.Bali-romantic vacation

Here you will spend one of the most romantic holidays in life. Visit the monkeys in the Reserve "Ubuda", you will see how the masters of gold art work in Muleka, spend the meditation from the heads of the elephants, which are carved in the mountain at the entrance to the caves, scare away the flying mice that are tested by fruit, take part in the ceremony in the mother’s temple, Becasy’s name, visit the Taman Coupu Coupa Park and make sure that there are butterflies, whose wings are more than 10 cm, and the main thing is not forget to relax in the waterbom water park.

Dinner in the resort area of ​​Seminyak

Ku de Ta at the seven-year seminook restaurant and club in one place where musicians play, European fashion models are played, and a cigar room opens. I advise in the restaurant to order a duck with curry, which is baked on a slow fire, punched in salmon smoke, and of course cocktails with jelly from avocado and mango.

Balinese "MUST DO":

  • Rent a bike and ride on it on the island.
  • Learn surfing.
  • Go to one of the schools of yoga.
  • Learn to Balinese massage.

Mauritius-abyntial attractions

Mauritius is abundant by attractions, and if you get bored with sea rest, then you can familiarize yourself with the life of colonializers in the house "Euraka", diversify your vacation in the Sugar Museum, see a landing fox and a light red dove in the State Park, try not to knock out the inhabitants of the island of White Herkel , Touch the skates in the aquarium and see in the stalactites and stalagmites of the potato cave the head of Winston Churchill himself.If you wish something fascinating, you can spend time, riding on the submarine, consider on the seabed ship XVII century

Dinner in Crop Codile Affamé

In the Cropodile Affamé cafe, which means "Hungry Crocodile", you will have a choice of various Eastern dishes.

Night club

In the nightclub "Buddha" in the city of Grand Bai every night there are a lot of people, and on Saturdays and Sundays, the dance floor breaks away from a large number of people who want to relax under the club music. A variety of cocktails and probability at least change the beach shorts and swimsuit on something more thanks to the dress code.

Mauritius "Must Do":

  • Be on the place of Robinson on one of Mauritius’s numerous deserted islands
  • See Victoria Amazonica Marine Lily in the Botanical Garden
  • Swear on a huge turtle
  • Watch the scarecrow long ago Dodo’s dead bird
  • Conduct an unforgettable underwater walk with AQUA + SCUBA equipment (1 540 rubles.)

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