Where to go to rest for the new year

According to the information on the website of the Federal Agency for Tourism, there are popular areas for tourists.


In December, it is not so hot here, as in August, nevertheless, many see in this advantages: you can safely walk around the city, because there is no crowd of tourists, sunbathing on the beach, even in the middle of the day, not afraid to burn under the scorching sun. On average, the temperature in December-January is rising to +20 – +25c, and in the evening it does not fall below +10 – +15S. The water temperature is +20 – +23с.

In general, the weather is favorable for those who want to enjoy warm days and get an additional portion of vitamin D. Moreover, in the resort at this time – Fruit season (you can enjoy bananas, oranges, grenade, dates). Organized excursions, including sea walks on the yacht, diving. And the most pleasant thing is that you don’t need to pay for pleasure – The cost of tours in December is significantly lower than the cost of similar trips in August or in September.


This is not the best option for those who love beach holidays, as the winter is cool enough here – The air temperature does not rise above + 17c in Alanya, and in Istanbul – Even cool. However, in Turkey in December there are sunny days (the snow falls very rarely). Water seems fairly warm, as it warms up to + 20 ° C, but they are not so comfortable as in the summer, because wind blowing on the beach.

At the same time, you can walk around the city (there is no crowd of tourists, exhausting heat), enjoy fruit, attend sales – In Istanbul, many shops arrange them closer to Catholic Christmas.

And Turkey – These are ski resorts, namely:

  • Uludag;
  • Sarykamysh;
  • Cayseri;
  • Erdjes and T. D.

Go there to go skiing or on a snowboard. Trails, however, there are designed mainly to beginners, however, the cost of tours «all inclusive» quite pleasant.

Where to go to rest for the new year

Another attractive direction for those who want to escape from cloudy weather. In the Emirates in December-January sunny and warm. Air warms up to +24 – +26C, water – up to + 23s. True, there may be windy, so it’s not worth going here only for the sake of a beach holiday. Yes, and there is no need, especially since at this time interesting excursions are organized here, including sea.


This is a tropical paradise for tourists. On the islands located in the Indian Sea, in December-January warm and sunny. The temperature in the afternoon rises to + 30s and above, at night, it is usually not lowered below + 25c (though, at night there may be rains, but it does not interfere with the paradise resting day). The average water temperature in the Indian Ocean at this time – +27c.

May be windy, in particular, it concerns the regions of Male, Siin, but on the other hand, there is no exhausting heat. Yes, and divers during this period can immerse – All inhabitants of the underwater world are clearly visible in clean water.


This is another win-win option for beach holiday lovers. In December there is warm and sunny:

  • Air temperature during the day is +30 – +31c;
  • Nightly a little cooler – The thermometer column is lowered to + 26C;
  • water – Comfortable (temperature reaches + 29C).

From the beach on Seychelles at this time I do not want to leave – ocean breeze is felt, so it’s not stuffy. All day they can swim, dive with scuba and mask and sunbathe under the measure of the hot sun.

Also in December, excursion programs are organized so that tourists can admire incredible local landscapes, attractions.

The island state with numerous beach resorts is also to offer tourists in winter. It is located in the north of the Caribbean sea, so the weather here is warm here in December – In the afternoon, the air warms up to + 26c, at night – up to + 19s. Water temperature – About + 27s.

Interestingly, beach holidays Here tourists and their fellow travelers can combine with an interesting excursion program by visiting the capital of Cuba, Havana, which is famous for incredible architecture. And the Cuba is very beautiful in winter when they are preparing for the new year.

Where else can you go

Also tourists can consider travel options to Tanzania, Switzerland, Japan, United Kingdom, Ethiopia. Entry into these states is also allowed from the territory of the our Federation.

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