Where to go to relax with overnight stay?

Great way to get rid of the fuss, serve a trip with overnight in a new place, which will help to recharge the energy and stay under a good impression in order to continue to work and live in the usual mode.

In order to refresh your thoughts a little, it is not necessary to go abroad. Russia is so beautiful nature that you can consider cultural holidays with great pleasure. Therefore, in this article we will tell you about where you can go with overnight for a couple of days and have a good time.

Mountain Altai

Nature in Altai will not leave anyone indifferent. Mountain Altai is famous for the majestic mountains, dense forests, violent rivers. If you decide to travel on your personal transport, you can see with your own eyes The most beautiful and picturesque mountain.


Katun is large Rock Altai River, and its feature is that it sometimes changes its color. In the warm season, the color of water milk, and in the cold season, water becomes turquoise.

Katun has a rapid flow, so very ideal for Rafting. This type of recreation will like those who love extreme. And if you are a lover of a relaxing holiday, you can walk along the shore and look at luxury views.

As a rule, rafting suggests overnight in the woods in tents. Sometimes people can stop on the beaches, but it is preferably during the daytime.

Arkhangelsk region

In the Arkhangelsk region there are a large number of cultural monuments. Especially in the May holidays you can get closer to the nature of the North and the culture of these lands.

Where to go to relax with overnight stay


In the Arkhangelsk region are very popular Valvera. During such a tour, you can drive through the most picturesque places and see St. George Chapel, Poklonnaya crosses, vintage northern huts, tent Church of John Zlatousta.


If you suddenly decided to go to the Crimea, then this is an ideal opportunity when you can combine outdoor vacation with cognitive themes. In Crimea, amazing nature, so on May holidays, ideal time to visit this peninsula.

In Crimea, cycles are also popular, because with bicycles you can drive around Koktebel, South Beach, Sevastopol, Evpatoria. Of course, the friendly people will meet you in Crimea, you will be able to quietly go to any hotel you like or rent an apartment for a few days.

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