Where to go to relax in October?

You have a long-awaited vacation in October? You are desperate because October – rainy time in Europe, in Malaysia, in Indonesia. However, not everything is so hopeless for you, as it seems. After all, if you wish in the autumn month of October, you can swim in the warmth of the sea, and rest under the affectionate rays of the sun, and get a lot of positive emotions during your holiday.

Where to go to relax in October?

Of course, definitely Egypt. In October, a trip to Egypt has a lot of advantages: suitable Sea temperature and air, The absence of exhausting heat, the possibility of explaining in their native language.

UAE Also a good place to relax in October, where the height of the beach season. But when traveling to Emirates In October, you should know that this month there is a Muslim holiday – Ramadan. Therefore, in October there will be no entertainment events here, restrictions on alcohol will act, and many bars will even remove it from their menu, the work of stores will occur on a reduced day. However, the advantages of rest in Emirates, Of course, there will be the beauty of all major cities that will be decorated in honor of the holiday Flowers and Illumination.

Where to go to relax in October

Where else to relax in October?

Of course, B China, After all, here is great warm weather Even B Northern countries. It is especially good to rest on China’s islands. Geographical position, uniqueness of flora and fauna, excellent environmental performance, warm sea, mango dense plantations, bananas, pineapples, coconuts, modern hotels with Eurostandarts Do holidays on the island Hainan "Paradine". Rest in China – this is not only a warm sea in combination with a variety of excursions, but also Magnificent shopping, Which is able to interest women, both men and children.

Holidays in October in Jordania – These are two in one: Getting sea pleasure and opportunity to fix your health. October in Jordan – Health season health. And about your health here will take care of stunning waters Dead Sea. If you still decided to rest in October in Europe, then keep in mind that the warmest countries at this time are Italy and Spain. Oktyabrskaya weather in Spain is mainly warm and very suitable for excursions. Italy in October also meets resting warm sun, and still many All sorts of sweets, Since in the second half of October there is a holiday sweet tooths – "EuroŇ°ocolate". Whole nine days you can go to all sorts of sweets!

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