Where to go to relax at sea in May in 2020?

May month is considered the beginning of the beach season in many countries, the exception is almost all Asian directions, where the rainy season comes at this time.

More affordable resorts for us in which you can relax in May on the sea:

  • Resorts of the Black Sea &# 8212; These are the resorts of the Black Sea coast of Russia, Abkhazia and Bulgaria.
  • Resorts of the Mediterranean Sea &# 8212; It is worth paying attention to the Greek Island Crete, Israel, as well as on the Turkish direction.
  • Resorts of the Red Sea &# 8212; At this time of year, a special tourist boom is experiencing, t.To. No winds, strong heat and there is a maximum number of opportunities to combine beach and excursion rest.
  • European resorts, which are quite comfortable to relax in May, this is Cyprus, Canary Islands, Mallorca, Mediterranean Coast of Spain, Shore of Portugal and Cote d’Azur France.

In this article, read about the best beaches of Cyprus.

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Where to go to rest in May on the sea?

In May, the season begins on most summer directions.

One of the most favorable places for recreation is Turkey, At this time, there are few tourists here, the sea is warm, and the sun’s rays give you the opportunity to sunbathe (we hope that soon the ours will begin to start letting them again without any problems in Turkey).

The second direction will be island Greece – Crete and Rhodes.

Next comes European resorts and exotic directions.

Beach holiday in May

Different categories of people have different goals on a trip to the sea.

Some come here in order to breathe fresh sea air, the second wanted to sunbathe and buy.

Is it worth going to the Black Sea?

The resorts of the Black Sea can not always please the warm sea in May month.

The resorts of the Black Sea are the Black Sea coast of Russia, Abkhazia, as well as the resorts of Bulgaria.

Where to relax in May in Russia?

In Russia, the beach season begins with the resorts of the Black Sea coast, in particular Sochi.

It should be truth to be attentive to the temperature of the water in the sea, it will not always be a freeze temperature.

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Where to go to May abroad?

In May, I do not recommend planning trips to Asian countries. T.To. Here at this time, the rainy season, but still there are those who this fact will not prevent planning vacation in tropical countries.

But favorable conditions will be in some countries of the Middle East, on the Caribbean, in Egypt and in Europe.

In the Emirates in May, the season ends, because in the summer there will be a strong heat in the country.

UAE boasts beautiful beaches, high-quality hotels and a fairly interesting excursion program.

It is difficult to imagine that on the spot where the luxurious "city of the future" is currently twenty years ago was a desert inhabited by Bedouins.

Caribbean is a year-round direction, Almost all the time in the region shines the sun, and the beaches can boast snow-white sand.

The main caribbean direction is Dominican, Also popular Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica and Saint Martin.

In Egypt, at this time, the optimal time to relax, T.To. The wind season is over and no severe summer heat.

The air and water temperature in the Red Sea is optimal, it is also possible to visit many local attractions.

We recommend the weather forecast to look at the GISMETEO website.

Another destination, which is ideal for a beach holiday in May – this is Europe.

European countries can boast a multitude of resorts located on the Adriatic or Mediterranean seas, as well as in the Atlantic Ocean.

In the Atlantic Ocean there are Canary Islands owned by Spain, as well as the Portuguese Island of Madeira.

Snorcling in Spain

Italian resorts should be considered on the Adriatic Sea, and on the Mediterranean, the Greek Islands, the Côte d’Azur, and the Spanish Islands – Ibiza and Majorca.

May holidays in Europe

In May, the rest season begins at the beach resorts of Europe. Choosing a country, should be neat, because not everywhere at this time will be the warm sea.

Special attention should be paid to the Greek Islands – Crete and Rhodes, here already water in the sea warms up, and the excursion program will also please.

Beach rest on Rhodes

The undoubted leader among European countries, of course is Spain, in particular the island part.

The best place to stay is the Canary Islands, you can also pay attention to the Costa Blanca and Costa Costa, After all, if it becomes boring, you can always go to see the sights of Barcelona or Madrid.

Another European direction is French Riviera, which is a sample of style and luxury.

In Cannes, the International Cannes Film Festival is held in Cannes. If you wish, you can go for one day in Monaco.

Tours in Europe

Going to the sea in one of the European countries you will have the opportunity not only to sunbathe on the beaches, but also inspect the mass of sights.

In Spain, visit Barcelona, ​​see the architectural creations of the Great Gaudi with its own eyes.

Architectural creations of the Great Gaudi

Resting in France can fly to Paris or go to Bordeaux.

Going to the Beach resorts of Italy, you can visit the Eternal City of Rome, Romantic Venice or the city of Love – Verona and Florence.

That the Mediterranean Sea is preparing for us in May?

Water in the Mediterranean Sea warms up by the end of April, accordingly, May will be the beginning of the beach season.

Initially, attention should be paid to the southernmost directions – this is the Greek Islands of Crete and Rhodes, as well as the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

Also in Europe, the beach resorts of Spain and France are in demand.

Crete and Rhodes are the first to open the beach season in Greece

In Greece there is everything, on the islands including.

Arriving on Crete or Rhodes You will have the opportunity to combine beach holidays and high-quality excursion program.

Of all the Greek resorts, it is in Crete and Rhodes that will be the warmest sea in May.

If you wish, you can sit on the ferry and go to the Santorini snow-white island.

Arriving on the islands It is recommended to take a car for rent for a few days in order to inspect all local attractions yourself.

5 reasons to go to Cyprus in May

Cyprus – the island of eternal spring, also known to us as an island of Aphrodite, because by giving it here that the Greek goddess Aphrodite went ashore from the marine foam.

What are the reasons that people are so pulling into Cyprus?

Cause 1 – Lightweight Visa Entry

All tourists who want to come to Cyprus for tourist purposes with ease opens electronic visa – pro-visa.

Pro-visa is free, it is done within 1-3 days, it also gives the right to enter the territory of the country.

Transparent Sea in Cyprus

Cause 2 – Rich Cultural Heritage

In Cyprus is located Many sights, churches. As well as the Bay of Aphrodite, from which the goddess of beauty came on the legend on the island.

Be sure to visit the local fortresses and the museum, as well as the village of LEFKARY.

Cause 3 – Beautiful Beaches and Warm Sea

Water in the sea to May warms up quite well, but the beaches on the island there are different.

It is believed that The best beaches are in Ayia Napa, Coastline in Larnaca is covered with pebbles. But in Limassol and Paphos, you can sunbathe, lying on the sand.

Cause 4 – Delicious Kitchen

Cypriots are literally preserved on healthy diet, there is no industry on the island, so all fruits and vegetables grown in the country are environmentally friendly products.

Sails in Cyprus

Where to go to relax at sea in May in 2020

Also You should pay attention to local wine, It is tasty enough, but the young fastened wine has a quick effect, so you should be neat with the use of this drink.

Cause 5 – Good weather

Cyprus, like Greece, is one of the most sunny countries in the world, the sun shines almost all year round and there is a good comfortable weather.

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Rest in exotic countries

From exotic directions, attention should be paid to the islands of Seychelles and Mauritius, as well as resorts located in the Caribbean.

These directions are not particularly susceptible to the rainy season, they boast an abundance of greenery and high-quality beaches.

Rest on the Red Sea

Resorts of the Red Sea are represented by several countries:

  • Israel;
  • Jordan;
  • Egypt.

Israel on the shores of the Red Sea is the resort town of Eilat.

The resort is often called Israeli options for Hurghada or Sharma: first-class hotels, quality service and a rich underwater world.

Jordan is represented by the resort Aqaba. In the country except the beaches there are plenty of attractions, the most important of which is Peter.

In Egypt, there are two main resorts – it Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.

Near Hurghada there are many small resorts, and diving lovers should go to Marsa Alam. In addition to Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba are located on the Sinai Peninsula.

In Israel (Eilat)

One of the main beach resorts of Israel is considered Eilat, which is located on the shores of the Red Sea.

The length of the coastline of the resort is seven kilometers.

In the past, in the region, a military Ford was located and a trading port.

Now there is a modern resort, which can be called active. There is a high-quality infrastructure and mass of entertainment.

There is plenty of restaurants, bars, as well as a lot of magnificent hotels, which offer a chic view of the Aqaban Bay.

Eilat is located on the border between Egypt and Jordan. Accordingly, you have the opportunity to meet the dawn on Mount Sinai or visit Peter.

The main entertainment in the resort is diving, For which tourists from all over the world go here. In addition to coral reefs, you will have the opportunity to observe the sunken ships.

Cruises in May

Cruises – relatively new on our market tourist destination. Cruise rest began to gain popularity among ours a few years ago.

Liner in the Mediterranean

From the directions it is worth paying attention to the cruises on the Mediterranean Sea, which originate in Istanbul, Athens or in Spain.

Very interesting cruises, during which you will have the opportunity to visit the mass of Greek islands, as well as Malta.

The second direction of cruises is cruises from Dubaev, during which you can see with your own eyes Qatar, Oman and other states of the Persian Gulf.

Vacation with children

Leaving for rest with children First of all, it is worth paying attention to the presence of infrastructure on a particular resort. Important information about the availability of animation and nutrition concept.

Also important will be in advance to know information about the duration of flight.

On the one hand, the kids are much easier to transfer flights, and with another long flight may not like the most small tourists.

With a child on the sea

Turkey is considered the most childhood, All inclusive hotels in all inclusive hotels provide high-quality nutrition to the most small tourists and animation programs.

On the territory of most hotels work children’s clubs, where animators will gladly entertain your baby.

Before traveling to Turkey, competently approach the selection of the resort and the hotel:

  1. In Alanya are mainly inexpensive hotels, sandy beaches, but at the entrance to the sea there may be stones.
  2. In Antalya, the beaches are mostly sandy, There is a gentle entrance to the sea, hotels are mostly five-star and boasts a great level of service.
  3. In Kemer beaches are covered with pebbles, the size of which depends on the region.

Reviews of countries, resorts, places

Despite the generally accepted concepts about Turkish resorts, there are also reviews of rested.

Most of the tourists says that best go to rest in Kemer, T.To. Here are fresh air and a fairly good hotel level.

The only minus of the region is pebbles at the entrance to the sea, which sometimes happens large.

Similar complaints are about the region of Alanya, where the beaches are considered sandy, but at the entrance to the sea often there are quite large stones.

Another country that has contradictory reviews is Egypt. Those who come here for the first time remain delighted with coastal waters and coral reefs.

Others believe that the price-quality ratio is not always true.

Emirates produce just a gorgeous impression on all tourists, However, everyone talks about too high prices for a variety of entertainment, food and shopping.

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