Where to go to mumbai

Daid Day in the largest Indian megalopolis Start by train on the train from Chercehet Station to Mahalakshmi station. From the station from the station you can watch down on The world’s largest laundry in the open sky &# 8211; Dhobi ghat. There hundred women erase underwear and hang it. Many tourists, justifying the statement that to look at how people work, you can infinitely, stress on the process.

Further go past the hippodrome, which will be from you on the right, 1 km to Temple Mahalakshmi. This is one of the most famous temples of Bombay, built in 1785 and dedicated to the goddess of good luck, happiness and prosperity of Lakshmi and standing almost by the sea.

Going to the sea, you will also see a wonderful cliff Mosque Hajj and Aliadarg. Built on a tiny island 500 meters from the shore in the Bay of the Trees, she &# 8211; One of the symbols of Bombay, resembling that a significant number of Muslims lives in the city. The mosque was built in 1431 in memory of the rich pit from Bukhara, who distributed everything that had to make pilgrimage to Mecca, but did not swim there and was buried here. The island is connected to the shore of a narrow road, which is available for the transition only during the sings. The grave of Haji Ali is covered with a red and green brocade in the framed of silver, and the main hall is decorated with marble columns with colored glass.

If there is an interest, you can go On the embankment of the Gulf of Haji Ali right, and after 1 km fall to Scientific Center in Nehru. It was built in 1985, and this is the largest museum of science and technology in India, with the planetarium and the exposition of Discovery of India from 14 galleries talking about the history of India.

Where to go to mumbai

Next, use the bus that goes on Pedder Road. Pass on the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKumbala Hill &# 8211; One of the most prestigious in the city where luxury apartments and foreign consulates are located. Millionaires of Birla, Tata and the stars of Bollywood live here. On the left in the distance you will see the highest in the city two Twin Towers The Imperial (2005-2010, 252m), and on the parallel Altamount Road is the most elite and expensive in the world 27-storey house Antilia, Built in 2002 by Chicags architects and distinguished by ultra-high ceilings.

But Bombay &# 8211; City of contrasts, so on the right will soon discover the big green hill park. Do not share – this is quite an ominous place where the famous Tower of silence &# 8211; Cemetery of Zoroastrians Pars. They are in their traditions leave corpses for the stealing birds. The fact is that in the consciousness of Zoroastrians, the corpse is an ockering matter, so it is impossible to betray it. After cleaning the skeleton from soft tissues and drying the bones, they are in the urns.

Pars are a rather rich and respected community in India, and their informal center has been published in Mumbai. The richest family of Tata, the richest family of Tatt, from the Pars family came out already mentioned Freddie Mercury. Polis colonies are usually separated from the rest of the quarters of the wall.

Where to go to mumbai

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