Where to go? In Mars Alam!

Said Nofal, Tourism Advisor of the Egyptian Department of Tourism Development at the Embassy of the ARA:

This week I would advise you to go to Egypt, relax and engage in snorkeling in the resort of Mars Alam. I do not know if Egypt needs in the presentation, this year the occurrence of the seventh millennium. I just say that this is a unique state open for tourists all year round. A third of all monuments of world history is here. And the dry healing air of Egypt helps with many diseases, especially skin allergies and psoriasis.

Now in Egypt is very pleasant for recreation. Weather: 28c with the complete absence of air humidity, so heat is almost not felt. The temperature of the water in the Red Sea is not lower than 25-26c.

Mars Alam – a young, but very promising resort that begins to acquire fame in the tourist market. It is located on the southern coast of the Red Sea, 240 km from Hurghada. Next year it is planned to open the airport. Now tourists to the resort delivers a free bus from Hurghada. Along the way, a magnificent view of the Red Sea opens.

It is convenient to get to Mars Alam on the plane "Egyptian airlines", Installing this year a single tariff for flight Moscow-Cairo-Moscow with an additional flight inside the country (Cairo Hurghada -Kair or Cairo Charm El Sheikh-Cairo) – $ 343. Tourists at the resort takes the 4-star Hotel Kahramana Resort Marsa Alam, located 6 km from Mars Alam, by the sea. The hotel consists of two-storey bungalows with a balcony or terrace in each room and has all the amenities, including a TV and a telephone (with international communications through the operator). The cost of accommodation per day for one person in a double room – from $ 38. There are three restaurants and three cafes offering a kitchen on site, offering a kitchen for every taste. From the main restaurant of the hotel – "Lagoon Vista" – Opens a picturesque view of the coast. In a restaurant "On scalah" You can enjoy different marine dishes, "Arrabbiat" – Restaurant offering Italian cuisine.

Where to go to Mars Alam!

At the hotel’s hotel, which occupies an area of ​​500 thousand. kv. M, in addition to residential buildings and restaurants, enter two outdoor pools, tennis courts, gym, equestrian playpen and table tennis and billiards. Children can have a great time in the game club or in the children’s compartment of one of the pools (heated).

The main attraction of the resort of Mars Alam was and remains the coral coast of the Red Sea: the reefs of living corals are located near the shore, so during their low tide can be seen above the water surface. There are incredibly clean water and a very colorful underwater world. That is why on the southern coast of the Red Sea for 10 years already has a scuba diving school. Everyone can undergo a course of any level of complexity under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Diving programs in the resort provide for exciting boat travels with immersion in the sea, as well as especially interesting immersions in the early morning and night.

Resting at the resort of Mars Alam, you can go on one of the traditional excursions in Egypt, for example, visit the Luxor or take a journey through the Nile. However, it will take quite a long time: Mars Alam – remote resort. But for those who want to relax from the bustle and noise of large cities, it is an ideal place. In addition, living here and not spending a lot of time on long-distance travel, you can make a fascinating exotic journey through the desert – on jeeps or camels. Tourists are offered to visit the oasis and the traditional settlement of Bedouins.

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