Where to go to Egypt

I want to share one very exciting trip to Egypt. This excursion is a trip to the Bedouins. To get there anyone who rests in one From hotels Hurghada. Most are sent to this excursion to drive on the Quad bikes in the desert.

But this trip attracted me quite another. We must immediately say that this tour is invited to Only residents of the CIS, Europeans are invited only to the final part. Apparently it is believed that civilized Europeans are not able to understand the delights of kvdrocycles when the circle rises with a solid curtain of sand.

On the excursion are carried on the jeeps on the road, jumping from the vehana to Barhan, so the screech and laughter heard in the cars. Upon arrival offered to eat, sitting on mats under the cane canopy. Further Racing on quad bikes, camel riding, children can ride out.

Later Inspection of housing Bedouin. You will be shown a small shed, chocated from plywood and cardboard pieces, and the roof of the cane. There is no flooring inside the Saraika, just naked land. Approximately half of the space is covered with motley blankets &# 8211; This is a sleeping place. On one wall hanged the shelves of dishes and other household accessories. That’s all the dwelling! From the items of civilization you can see only the transistor (electrical lighting, it seems, there is no). And next to the house is fenced with a sector for cattle, mostly it is goats and chickens.

I can not even believe that people in their own will live in such conditions! You will also visit the serpentaria contained specifically for tourists. Some reptiles are even very impressive!

Then they will show Local handicraft creativity: on your eyes Master Bedouin Flashing a transparent vessel, multicolored sand. Does it it quickly and beautiful. It turns out a vase with various patterns and pictures. You can buy such a vase of any size as souvenir.

Where to go to Egypt

Then you will be offered to participate in the attraction "Kiss with a camel". This is not even every our trying to make! And just need to take a piece of cake in your mouth, and a camel will take it and eat it! His lips are dry and warm, crossed harsh hair, so when he takes a cake, tickling, and there are no unpleasant sensations!

When it will happen Dinner and display of national dances, Men will offer hookah. The belly dance everyone knows well, so I will not write about him. But the dance with the skirts I was very struck! The young dancer for forty minutes is spinning in one direction, almost in one place. In this case, there are many skirts with a total weight of 32 kilograms. The dancer skirts periodically take off, and in their hands there are scarves, then drums. I do not know how you can keep 7 drums in my hands and at the same time constantly spinning, but it looks fascinating.

Finally, you PInspect the Star Sky Telescope. They are aimed at the brightest star and planets (Sirius, Venus). At the price the excursion is inexpensive, and impressions from it are not less than from Luxor!

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