Where to go to Delhi

The time of stay in the Indian capital can be devoted to meet Old Delhi. Start it logical Station of Old Delhi, At the output from the metro station Chandni Chowk. The station itself looks like a British fire station, it is red-brick, built in 1903. A Chandni Chowk (Chandni Chowk Moon Market) &# 8211; The name of the close shopping area, full of Indian urban exotics with trap-forward people with trolleys and rickshams. Before the station spread a large square, which stands Delian City Hall &# 8211; Alignment building 1863. You need to go to the Merry and go out Chandni Chowk Rd. Look to right &# 8211; There will be a second in meaning Fatekhpuri city mosque (1650), built by Mongolian emperors.

Street is a triumph of religious tolerance &# 8211; not enough synagogues. Soon on the right to see a remarkable building &# 8211; Main Temple of Delia Sikhov, Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib, Built in 1783 at the place where more than 100 years before that, in 1675, by order of the emperor Aurangseeba cut off the head of the ninth, the penultimate, Sikh Guru, who refused to accept Islam. His body was dismembered, but at night one of the pupils of the Guru stole pieces of the body and betrayed their cremation. Preserved a trunk of a tree, under which Guru was executed. In the shadow of Gurdwara remains miniature Golden Mosque Sunakhry (1721), on the top of which in 1739 the Persian climbed Nadir Shah and ordered to kill everyone who is in the field of his visibility (everything turned out 3000 human). Diagonally from Gurdwara (on the left side) &# 8211; Baptist Church, the oldest Christian temple of the North of India (1814). Still a little further &# 8211; The temple of another exotic for all countries, except India, Religion Jain Sri Digambar Jane Lal Mandir, built in 1656 from the same stone as Red Fort, and subsequently not once with the completed. To Jainam, in contrast to Sikhs, Mogolov had a more tolerant attitude. The unique bird hospital is adjacent to the temple &# 8211; Jaina Known concern about the whole fauna without exception. On Sundays, cured individuals are produced on the will.

Where to go to Delhi

But the main pearl of the old Delhi right in the course is Red fort, or lal-kil a, described in detail in "What to see, or rating the main attractions of India". Coming out of it through Delia doors, Turn right, and soon you will come to Mosque Jam Masdzhid. This largest mosque in India was built in 1650-1656. You can climb one of the minarets and observe Old Delhi From a bird’s eye view, however, the rise is quite steep and dark. The staircase of 35 steps is leading to the mosque, two 40 meter minarets are built from red sandstone and white marble, there is an extensive courtyard (75&# 215; 66 m) with a fountain for ablutions, decorated with traditional Indian turrets in the form of lanterns. Main hall (60&# 215; 27 m) costs on 260 carved columns, and the floor is posted in black and white marble.

Where to go to Delhi

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