Where to go on weekends this spring?

V Hungary In the spring already comes Warm time and you can relax perfectly, look at blooming snowdrops. In Budapest you can take a walk on the slope Mountains Gellert. And if the weather is suddenly started, you can go to bar or visit Thermal bathing.


Early spring is an Perfect sometimes In order to visit this wonderful city and consider its surroundings. In addition to various attractions You can meet S local cuisine And try Adjara Khachapuri. You can also Visit various markets, Where are located A variety of cafes and taste a few more national dishes.


This city is located in Spain and Spring Here will be Excellent temperature In order to be able to walk all day. You can walk in famous winding street and visit B Famous Palace Alcazar. And also very often in April in this city there are various Solemn marchs and fairs are opening.


This city is located in Croatia And he is very rich in various Monuments of Middle Ages. As well as in this city Elegant architecture, which accurately impress tourist. A few dozen kilometers from the task is National Park, who will delight tourists with its nature. In this park there are various picturesque Canyons, Caves, Rocks and Routes with different levels of difficulty.


Where to go on weekends this spring

This Island is an The Sun Island of the Aegean Sea. If you are tired of the gloomy winter, you definitely need to visit this place. There is here Ancient petrified forest, which resembles a landscape from a fantastic film. Of course Spring will swim early in the sea, But there are many on this island thermal sources, which will allow you to enjoy the cleanliness and transparency of local water.


In this city there is always something to do, but you can still Just relax and spend time to rent bike Or going to B a park for all day. If it seems to you that this holiday is very passive, you can take part in Bicycle excursion in Florence. For this exist Special organizational teams, who build a route and show you the most interesting Restaurants and winery.

Do not think that these countries will not be able to visit due to limited time on the weekend. In general, you will be enough Couple days In order to familiarize yourself with one of these cities.

Where to go on weekends this spring

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