Where to go on weekends from Yekaterinburg?

Sometimes you need a few days to get new impressions and distract from urban fuss. Therefore, in this article we will talk about, Where can I go to the weekend from Yekaterinburg. If you are the owner of personal transport, then in these places you can go on your car.

Natural Park "Bazhavsky Places"

This park is in 58 kilometers from Yekaterinburg. This is a great place to go on vacation in nature and look at various Attraction. This park is located in a small town, which has a certain story. The fact is that in the town Syser spent his childhood Pavel Petrovich Bazhov. Therefore, you can look at attractions such as Cast-valve and ironing plant, Where did the parents of the Bazhova worked.

If you drive down a little further from the center of this town, then you will meet Natural Park "Bazhovsky Places". There are equipped paths and wooden figures of Bazhov characters. If you like to walk for a long time, then there are existence in this town Certain programs, Where will you tell and show all Attraction.

In this place can stay at night in the tent, Then you definitely stay alone with nature and you can relax without thoughts.

Nevyansk tilting tower

This place is in 90 kilometers from Yekaterinburg. Nevyanskaya Tower, Which is on Ural, is an prototype of the Pisa Tower. But in the Urals, this tower is called inclined, not falling.

Local residents believe that this tower was built at the request of a rich Ural industrialist Akinfia Demidov. There is an opinion that a flood was planned in the basement of this tower in order to hide the Demidov’s secret cases from inspecting.

Where to go on weekends from Yekaterinburg

Exists Certain excursions, where you can spend Inside the Nevyanskaya Tower. This excursion will last an hour and a half, so you will have time to go up to the last floor and look at the vintage watch mechanisms of the tower.

In the surrounding area you can get acquainted with Pottery workshop Maslikovy, Where can I visit the master class on the modeling.

Natural Park "Deer Brooki"

This park is in 120 kilometers from Yekaterinburg. This chic park is the place where you can breathe in the cleanst air, walking through the forest and admiring the winding rivers. In this park, there is exactly where to walk, since all paths in well-groomed condition. And also here Viewing platforms, where can I look at the surroundings. Therefore, this place will be interesting and your children.

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