Where to go on weekends from Novosibirsk?

Novosibirsk is a fairly large city where there is architectural monuments and curious places that can be visited. But if you suddenly decided to get out of this city, then in this article we will tell about some beautiful places that can be visited by going on weekends from the city.

Barsukovskaya cave

This place is in 140 kilometers from Novosibirsk. Barsukovskaya cave is the largest where you can detect volatile mice. It lives here more than five types of volatile mice, And some of them are even listed inBook. In this cave there is Numerous passages and labyrinths with narrow passages, which is why it is difficult to get a person in this cave. The diameter of the main entrance About 1 meter.

Church of Alexander Nevsky

V late 1990 Appeared Church of Alexander Nevsky Instead of the one that existed before the revolution. The modern building of the Church is built on oldhemes, nevertheless is an excellent decoration of the village Red Yare.

Belovsky waterfall

This waterfall, who originates from Deep lake, appeared on a career where the river struck the way through the dam. This waterfall is in 100 kilometers from Novosibirsk and is a favorite place near tourists. And also here love to rest residents of the nearest villages and people living in Novosibirsk. In this place you can come with tents, But you can also stay on Base of rest and to relax a civilized.

Berdy rock

Where to go on weekends from Novosibirsk

This site is located along the banks of the river Berm. On one side of the cliffs are fenced with the mouth of the stream Big key, On the other hand you will find a picturesque tract Lower meadows. In this place there are a lot of useful herbs, especially on the stone slopes. Coming tourists love this beautiful place, so very often Berdy rock are local attractions for visitors.

Pokrovsky male monastery

This monastery was founded in day century cover of the Most Holy Virgin. That is, it happened in 1997. This church was erected A merchant of the Bogomolov, which was burned in this monastery. The male monastery is so beautiful that you must look at it. Pokrovsky male monastery is an architectural monument and pilgrimage site.

We recommend that you definitely visit these places, especially if you live in Novosibirsk or not far from this city.

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