Where to go on vacation in winter. Top 6 best places

We offer a list best places to relax For those who want to spend Winter holidays away from cold and bad weather enjoying the warmth and sun. In this review, not just warm countries, a Self Exclusive places, who choose a world-scale star.

Transcose. Brazil

Who can meet here? Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell often rest in this tropical place.

Why choose this place? For those who do not like crowds of vacationers optimally suited Brazilian resort trance, which is an alternative to fashionable Saint-Tropea Armasan Dus-Buzius. This small town was once a fishing village. Transcose &# 8211; Ideal if you are looking for at the same time calm and attractive rest. During the day you can admire Local architecture &# 8211; Colonial huts and churches in colonial style &# 8211; and relax on the beach stretching for 24 km along the crystal clear ocean. In the evening it is worth going to a noisy komadado (City Square).

Where to stay. Villa Aiyana can be removed one of the five apartments with bathrooms. The interiors are of modern character, and the walls are decorated with pop paintings &# 8211; art. In the house can accommodate up to 12 people.
Villas DE Trancoso Located near the village Transcose (1.5 km). This luxury complex is located right on a picturesque beach Natives. For selection available: villa VIP, Villa with one or two bedrooms or apartments for two. The hotel has a restaurant, Two swimming pools, spa, bar and fitness center in the open sky.
How to get. Airlines Tap Portugal or klm can fly to the center Salvadora with a transplant and then with Azul Airlines in porto-sew. Final stage &# 8211; 75 minutes ride to the itself Transcose.

Island Palawan. Philippines

Who can meet? Beyonce and Jay-Zi, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian with family, Canadian actress Shay Mitchell, Supermodel Claudia Schiffer and many newlyweds choose this place to relax.

Why it is worth choosing? Magazine Travel + Leisure called Palawan The best island for recreation throughout Three years in a row. Nothing unusual. Turquoise water, cropped cliff tropical vegetation, floating dolphins, turtles and about 600 species of butterflies! The season here lasts from November to February, so the island of Palawan in the West Philippines &# 8211; One of the Winter Recreation options.

Where to stay. El Nido Resort Offer Four exclusive resorts, Located on Palawan and nearby islands. The most interesting, of course, is the resort in Panglacian With beautiful villas located on the beach, private pools on balconies and reefs, which are located almost at the foot of the hotel and are under Protection UNESCO.
For fans of affordable housing on the coast Rainforest Beach Offer 20 colorful rooms, swimming pool and almost deserted beaches.
How to get there. V Manil You can fly by flights KLM And Singapore Airlines With transplant. Then S Air Asia Manila Let’s go to the capital Palawan, Puerto Prince.

Nosar. Costa Rica

Who can be found here? The most fashionable pairs: Luell Bartley and David Sims, Mario Sorrenti and Mary Frey, and Gwyneth Paltrow, Giselle Bundchen and Julianna Moore.

Why it is worth choosing? This small village in the south Costa Rica &# 8211; Paradise for outdoor lovers, especially surfing and yoga. Nosar, Located not far from the capital of the country (San Jose) was opened in 1960s Americans who came here for surfing. Little in the town has been preserved from the initial atmosphere, but it does not less attract tourists, offering many restaurants, stylish boutiques and comfortable hotels.

Where to stay. Living Hotel Nosara Located three minutes walk from the beach Playa Giones – favorite place Surfers. However, you can not get to the beach, given the number of attractions that are found along the way. The hotel is located in beautiful Garden with hammocks, equipped with a swimming pool with sea water and a luxurious spa. Fitness classes pass every hour, so there is no place to bored.
In a hotel Harmony No plasma TVs or Beds with Baldakhin, but there are other advantages &# 8211; Served in the kitchen Environmentally friendly domestic dishes, Instructors spend Morning yoga on the beach, a Location right by the sea makes it possible to fall asleep under the noise of waves.
How to get there. Airlines Air Canada Fly in San Jose With transplant. From there goes direct flight Nature Air to Nosary.

Island Holboks. Mexico

Who can be found here? Almost all top models spent vacation last year on luxury yachts moored in Holbox: Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Kara Maldin, Ado Aboa and Georgia May Jagger.

Why it is worth choosing? Those who bored tourist Tulum, will be happy because about Holbox know a few, including cream of society. This island on the peninsula Yucatan &# 8211; Real tropical paradise. On the roofs of the restaurant there are Secret bars, where S 16:00 to 4:00 Feed drinks.

Where to go on vacation in winter. Top 6 best places

Where to stay. Hotel Posada Mawimbi comprises nine elegant wooden houses With white stone interiors, minimalist textiles, folk furniture and organic cosmetics.
In a much more spacious hotel Las Nubes DE Holbox 28 rooms, Three pools, private beach and spa. V Garden You can enjoy the smell of mint and aloe vera, which are used for spa procedures.
How to get. Airline Lot flies with a change in Cancun. From there before Chikyli Can be reached by Bus per three hours. The last part of the way &# 8211; this is Steamed ferry trip to Holbox.

Goa. India

Who can meet? London IT-Girls, Angelina Jolie and Bollywood Stars.

Why it is worth choosing? Goa became an exclusive resort for winter travel due to her Exotic Culinary offer. Mix here Indian flavors, spices of world kitchens, For example, S Israeli. Be sure to visit the restaurant Matsya Freestyle Kitchen, whom managers Israeli Chef Roma Galili. Here you can try Parshets from eggplants and caviar, beef tatas or Jerusalem capers.

Where to stay. American architects Turned Portuguese Mansion Mateush Goa, erected 1879, v Hotel from nine rooms. In its design, the original antique tile contrasts with minimalist Textile.
Near the beach Vagator located hotel W, Open B 2017. He has 160 rooms, spa, two restaurants and a bar in the form of amphitheater.
How to get there. With transfers of airlines Lot and jet Airways.

Lama Island. Kenya

Who can meet? Sienna Miller, Kate Fowie and Gillian Anderson Stay here on private villas by the sea.

Why it is worth choosing? Unlike other resorts, Lama remains the same atmospheric as many years ago. Original Suakhili houses and Donkey, which can be found from time to time add the island charm. And due to the fact that No cars and Luxury complexes, This is the perfect place for people, tired of civilization, and celebrities who want to hide from paparazzi. Can relax on the wild beach she, covered with white, almost caribbean sand, and swim in crystal clear waters Indian Ocean.

Where to live? Hotel Peponi is right on the beach. In its surroundings is located legendary bar (where alcohol is served &# 8211; This is one of the few such institutions on this Muslim island), where celebrities have stopped as Sting, Marianna Feitfull and Ian Hawk.
Red Pepper House &# 8211; This is a place for those who want to escape from the world. Five wooden cottages with straw roofs, Traditional beds Suakhili and exterior bathrooms.
How to get there. Qatar Airways Flights B Nairobi With transplant. And from there Fly 540 delivers right B Lama.

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