Where to go on vacation. Best ideas

Vacation in Scandinavia is a wonderful alternative for those who do not like to sunbathe and prefers the raw beauty of fjords with warm sand. Today it is easy to find cheap flights to Scandinavia. Two-hour cruise along the coast of fjord costs about 13,500 rubles, children 4-15 pay half. There are always many different events, concerts and exhibitions in Oslo, tourists are also delighted with flea markets. In August, for example, a large avant-garde music event and a jazz festival goes.

The western coast of the Baltic Sea

And an avid lounger of relaxing lounge chairs, and the traveler researcher will find something for themselves on the western coast of the Baltic Sea. Beautiful sandy beaches with cliffs, forests of winning or park miniature and lighthouse in Nakhy &# 8211; These are just some of the attractions that you should visit. Lighthouse in Nakhod – Not quite a suitable place for small travelers. To get to it, you will have to overcome more than two hundred pretty steep steps, but the view of the Baltic Sea compensates for these efforts. The famous place is also Fragment of the southern wall of the Church in Tssenzche. Waves began to absorb the building 117 years ago.

There are travelers who constantly want to try something new. For such people, there was an opportunity to use cruises to Baltic from Swinoujscie. Carriers offer two-day cruises to picturesque Swedish city of Istadt. Here he lived the hero of the criminal series Henning Mankella Kurt Vallander. The cost of a cruise per person (without a vehicle) is about 35,000 rubles, children under 7 float free.

Calm holiday in Mazovia

Mazovia – Great place for kayaking. It is possible to walk for the main flow or on the wild sleeves of the Rivers of the Pill, Wraz and Narev, and in the vicinity of Pultuska can be participated in a night hike on canoeing. For travelers who want to just relax, the hiking fields will be the excellent option. This is a chance for peaceful contact with nature. Here you can see cranes, hares, roe and even moose.

Perfect holiday in Spain

Sun, sun and again the sun &# 8211; Here is a description that is suitable for recreation on Costa Brava. Tourists love Spain for the possibility of round-the-clock walks in shorts (at night about 20 degrees) and the tan, which keeps very long, as well as for games and foam discos.

In one of the most famous tourist places on Coast Blanes Beautiful botanical Garden marimurt. The garden was laid over 100 years ago. There are thousands of plants, but the biggest charm of this place &# 8211; Views on the coast. Botanical Garden is open to visitors from 9:00 to 20:00. Login costs 6.5 euros. A leisurely walk in the garden will take about one and a half hours, during this time you can consider various types of palm trees, cacti and fruit trees.

Olive Vacation in Greece

Greece is a place where the sun shines almost all year round (70%) and where the delicious light food. As a souvenir, you can brought not only Aromatic olive oil, But the famous cleansing cosmetics based on it.

Greece is in third place for the production of olives, and the harvest is going from olive trees, placed eight centuries ago. Despite the heat, it is impossible not to visit Athens (Capital of Greece). In the Greek capital there are a lot of greenery. In addition to the mandatory object, i.e. Acropolis, also a nearby modern museum should also be visited (5 euros entrance ticket) to admire, among other things, the original temple elements, decorations and ceramics.

Rest in Chicago

The famous Al Capone lived in Chicago, the most famous Gangster Epoch of Sukho Law. Only in 1927 he earned almost 60 million dollars on illegal alcohol. Chicago is known as "Windy City", All thanks to its location on Lake Michigan. This is also the city of skyscrapers. The two fifths of the highest US buildings are located here. From Willis Tower, or rather from the observation deck, you can see whole four states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana. The task of Obelchkov &# 8211; look at the abyss of several hundred meters under the glass floor. There is no lack of. On the sunny days, which in August are quite frequent, you can stay on a 42-kilometer city beach.

Where to go on vacation. Best ideas

Hanseatic journey

In Hamburg, at least a few of nearly 2400 bridges. In this regard, the German city exceeds even Venice. Interesting will also be the first modern zoo with free movement for animals (open in August with 9.00-19.00, input ticket approximately 30 euros, family card &# 8211; 70 euros) and the largest European Botanical Garden (open in August from 7:00 to 23:00, the entrance is free).
Be sure to not only try the taste of marzipan in Lübeck, but also take part in its preparation.

In August also passes Grand "Hansey Regatta", When hundreds of ships come to the German port city of Rostock to take part in this regatta. Admiration of sailboats is accompanied by many other entertainment, such as missions or fireworks.

Vacation in Portugal

Algarve – the southernmost part of Portugal. Travelers here attract fabulous beaches, sun rays in hair, water blue, the taste of coffee and seafood. In August, there is a seafood festival in Marisaris. The event has more than a thirty-year tradition. An excellent idea for the family will also admire dolphins, sharks and other representatives of the Water World in the famous Zoomarine. Entrance costs 20 euros for children and 29 euros for adults, observation of dolphins &# 8211; 22 and 31 euros, respectively.

Leisurely rest on the eastern beaches of the Baltic Sea

Demba &# 8211; This is a way to relax in the eastern Polish Baltic Sea. The river has long been here attracted by Canoeing. Almost three-hour trip costs about 2500 rubles.

Psyssa – Beautiful alternative, if on the beach too windy. The variable mouth of the river in the sea makes demobki unique and unpredictable place. The local beach itself is considered a landmark due to its width and pleasant sand, it will especially be delighted the smallest.

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