Where to go on the weekend in the Perm region?

Sometimes you want to get somewhere on the weekend, in order to walk in beautiful places, collect loved ones for a picnic or visit Various temples. In this article we will tell about what places you can visit in Perm Territory.

Perm wooden gods

This sculpture is the main symbol Perm region. This place is in Perm State Art Gallery.

You can get to this wonderful place either in your car or by public transport. The price of adult tickets is 120 rubles. Also Perm wooden gods characteristic of their history. The fact is that local pagan tribes that were Orthodox for a long time could not worship icons for a long time. In this case, it was necessary to cut out of the tree figures of the gods in order to start praying. Wood figurines still created in the form Tatars, Perm and other nations, who lived in Perm Territory.

Stone city

Stone city It is truly beautiful, as the rocks create a view of an abandoned city, which consists of labyrinths. Local residents called this place "Dove settlement". But tourists who visit this place decided to come up with another name and a fairy tale about the stone city: supposedly the wizard turned a small town in the variety of stones.

Do not miss the opinion of scientists, as they argued that the stone city is The mouth of the ancient river, Which fell in Perm Sea many years ago.

Belogorsky Monastery

Where to go on the weekend in the Perm region

Everyone who loves to study Attraction, Be sure to visit this place. This temple is located on White Mountain, picking up on which, begins to capture the spirit from seen beauty. In this place in the territory of the temple you can treat Monastic food and drink Water from the well.

This monastery was built a very long time. Also in 1891 began to create it. Locals call this temple Tsarsky. This place also has its own history with which you can see, having arrived in this wonderful place.

Kungur Ice Cave

This place fascinates in its own way. Having visited this place, you will collide with Sparkling icy crystals and underground lakes, which are beautiful with their transparent water. In this cave lead people in order to show them all the beauty of this place. Worry about security while in the cave is not worth it because The ceilings in the cave are well fortified. Local residents say that this cave is about 10,000 years old. Extension excursion is one and a half kilometers.

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