Where to go on the weekend from Vladimir?

When it was tired of sitting at home, I want to get somewhere for a few days. Therefore, in this article we will tell about what Unusual Tur can be arranged in a period of short weekends. In this article waiting for you Five unusual vacation options in the Vladimir region.

Vladimir region He is the center of outstanding attractions. Here are always tourists from different regions and arrange a large route on Vladimir and region. Here you will be able to meet with monuments of archeology, antique estates and nature of our plains.

Unusual noble manor

When we talk about wooden buildings we imagine Two-storey estate in ampir style. Just like it looks noble manor Rogozin landowner. The building over time is becoming more and more, but remains unusual. Of course now it is abandoned, it’s impossible inside. But it is necessary to look at this place.

Visiting bison

In Vladimir region Live luxury large Mammals. These include bison. But unfortunately, you can only admire these animals Winter during the period with December to February.

Place by princely power

In the village Lykovo There is an extraordinary beauty art object. To such an object refers Princely helmet, which reaches height Two and a half meters and consisting of 300 metal parts. Look at this art object is free And at any time of the day and night. He is right In the center of the village, next to the temple.

Where to go on the weekend from Vladimir

Golden Gate

This place is in Vladimir, But if you have not seen it yet, you will definitely move and visit this place. Golden Gate are an architectural monument of defensive construction. It is through these gates carried out Entry and departure to the city. They are called gold precisely because under the rays of the sun glitter gilded copper.

Meshchera National Park

In this place an extraordinary royal nature, where you can get acquainted with beautiful rivers, lakes, swampy plains and forests. V 1992 was created National Park, Which called-Meschchera. If you decide to visit this place, then you will be a special relationship, as you will be shown Natural attractions And will introduce S The life of our ancestors. Here you will window in Old our life and you can look at how ancient Slavs lived.

Be sure to visit these places to enjoy the beauty of the our Earth and have a great time.

Where to go on the weekend from Vladimir

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