Where to go on the weekend from Tyumen?

Sometimes you want to relax with all the soul and body, enjoy the time spent with my family or with your friends, having gone on a little vacation for a few days. Therefore, in this article we will tell you where you can go on the weekend from Tyumen.

Healing lake near Tobolsky

Most not far from Tobolsk located Tourist base, Where can I get into this adventure. The organizers of this tourist base can accompany you on a trip to swamp buggies or taiga lakes. In these parts will surprise you dense cedar forest, and in the evening you can enjoy Fishing on golden carp.

Travel lodges It located on the shore of the lake, and even in the grove. This place is called the healing of the properties black Lake, where many iodine and bromine. Also in this place you can enjoy hot bathhouse and relax.

Mineral springs in the woods

Not far from Tyumen is a beautiful forest where there Ecopark entitled "Taiga"Which is located next to the village Onohino. Here you will feel perfect and comfortable stay, as you will be able to settle in modern hotel or lodge, and even taste Finnish or our bath and sauna. But chic place to relax will mineral water pool. And at this point you will not go hungry as there is restaurant and Chargrill area within the territory of.


This place is exactly what you like as you will literally soar above the earth. This place is next to the Ecopark "Taiga". Here you will not be short of excitement, because all the time will be able to enjoy the beauty and picturesque of the place. Here you can listen to the birds singing, and always inspired by something new.

Where to go on the weekend from Tyumen

Sometimes people come here and spend Seminars, family activities or Master classes. Here you can also entertain yourself cooking tasty pilaf in a cauldron, as for visitors spend here Master Class for the preparation of this dish. More you can boating and get an incredible relaxation.

Rent house not very expensive, but if you do not want to spend much money on vacation, it is possible to come to the territory to his tent and make picnic with her family.

pheasant island

At this point you can arrange fishing, since there is a lot of a local lake carp, carp, crucian carp and white cupids. But if you’re a fan hunting, there will also be something to do, because in this area a lot of lives pheasants. But in addition to these entertainment events you can also get on Wellness treatments, Where spend Treatment of bees with honey inhalation. Also nearby settle Camel and Bird Farm.

Where to go on the weekend from Tyumen

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