Where to go on the weekend from Saratov?

When I want to go somewhere near, but see a lot of interesting things, we always talk about Saratov region, Since this place is rich in beautiful places and can leave impressions for the rest of life. In this article we will talk about The most beautiful places of the Saratov region, which you can visit with your family or with your friends.

Rhodes horse horse "good horse"

This option is perfect for those who want to get acquainted closer Nature. This generic settlement is located in 3 kilometers from the village Uritsky, That is, B 80 kilometers from Saratov. Generic estate is an indivisible area of ‚Äč‚Äčland that belongs to man and his family. Here people build houses and plant gardens, also engaged in garden and forest. This settlement exists More than a dozen years.

If you arrive here and stroll through a pine forest, then you will meet Banchu And many Herbal teas, which are the attraction of this settlement.

But also in this place of people and tourists attract horse in horse club. This club exists Many breeds horse, who live their families.

In this place you can come to ride horses around the surroundings and look at the beauty of nature. Even if you do not have a rider experience, it does not matter, because here Everyone is taught.

Museum of Laptage

Where to go on the weekend from Saratov

Visiting this museum, you will window in Culture of the Saratov region. Museum of Laptage is in Volsk district. But Napti are not the only exhibit that can be seen in this Museum. Also in this museum there are halls that are called "Chuvash Mountain","Chuvash Izba" and "Regional science". Having traveled to this museum on a tour, you will get acquainted with wooden stups, irons, forks and peasant life. All exhibits can be touched, and some even apply in practice.

Church of Jesus Christ

This place is Symbol of Saratov region. There is this temple in 100 km from Saratov. This temple is rich in its history with which you can meet. Just B 2015th year This temple was restored, since it was previously demolished and rebuilt. Today in this temple You can go to the service, Get to know different Exhibits, who are talking about the history of this temple.

Be sure to visit these places, especially if you live at all next to the Saratov region and have never been there.

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