Where to go on the weekend from Samara?

If you are a resident of Samara, then you will not be difficult to get into the Samara region in order to look at the chic kinds of nature and inspire this beauty.

Museum of stone sculptures

This place is in 40 kilometers from the city of Samara. On the territory of the museum you can get acquainted with the exposition of stone sculptures, which contains cast iron, irons, millstone millstones and strands. Having visited this museum you will get acquainted with the old life and see a variety of items that enjoyed in the old days. Also you can see the old Slavic hut.

Such a trip will be very cognitive not only for adults, but also for children. In this museum you can also visit the sports school where you can ride horses.

Manor "Golden Mountain"

This place is perfectly suitable for those who want to retire and is not afraid to spend on the road for several hours. You can visit The village of Oblaska, which is located next to the estate, as there are guest houses and wildlife. Sometimes there may be hares and roe on the estate of the estate, and guests can ride a boat or go horseback riding. Also all visitors can try clean water from the well.

Rustic Club "Senov"

This option is great for those who have no relatives in the village, as the rustic leisure club symbolizes life outside the city. This place has its own history and attracts an incredible program, as they regularly pass Master classes at the local blacksmith, bread baking lessons, as well as walks through the forest, where you can collect mushrooms and berries.

Where to go on the weekend from Samara

As well as for visitors, a bath is provided, where you can relax after outdoor activities. Next to the club there is an old church, which is located around the mountains and reservoirs, so this species will very inspire and delight with its beauty.

Private damp "Andreev Cheese"

This inquiry has recently opened, but already managed to attract many visitors to himself.

Cheeseman is B Veil Podgora, where you can walk and admire Zhigulevsky Mountains, And also dine. Such an excursion is suitable for holidays with children, the only moment that may not like, is that children under the private dawn are not allowed.

Be sure to visit these places with your family or with friends. You will definitely be impressed and fill your weekend interesting and cognitive excursions.

Where to go on the weekend from Samara

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