Where to go on the weekend from Krasnodar?

Many residents of Krasnodar say that the Black Sea Resort can offer much more than any other. That is why you can go beyond the limits of Krasnodar and relax.

Anapa, Utrish, Vityazevo

In Anapa, you can go on the day, as it is completely unforgetable to it. In this beautiful city, you can watch the swans, as well as feed them from the hands, being on the embankment. The presence of fresh sea air will help you to organize thoughts and distract from urban fuss.

If suddenly you decide to stay in Anapa longer, then you can visit Vityazevo village, which is beautiful with its sand dunes. You can get to Vityazevo on your car and admire this pretty view. If you drive a little further from Anapa, then you will meet Utrish village, where extraordinarily beautiful pines grow, and around the air.


This wonderful city is in 150 kilometers from Krasnodar. There can be reached by train, so the trip can take about 3 hours. If you have a private car, you will get to this city in just a few hours.

You can visit this city by one day, as you will be very inspired by the embankment along the sea, where you can look at the military museum called "Mikhail Kutuzov". And if you decide to stay longer, you can visit the largest freshwater lake and a champagne wine plant. You will be amazed by the fact that the lake does not freeze in winter, and there is a gorgeous park along with which you can walk with your family or friends.

Where to go on the weekend from Krasnodar


It is better to go to this city with overnight, as the road will take about four hours in one direction. In this city, you can look at the antique style, the variety of flower beds and sculptures that stretch along the bay. The pedestrian zone of the embankment in Gelendzhik is 9 kilometers, Therefore, very often attracts fans of running and bicycles. Walking in Gelendzhik will leave a good impression of this place. In Gelendzhik, you can organize a campaign or a walk in the mountain, as you will surprise the charming Caucasian landscapes and expanses, as well as waterfalls.


This resort city adore almost everyone who has time to visit it. Getting from Krasnodar to Sochi too hard, so it’s better not to go there for one day, but to highlight for a trip for several days. Sochi always have something to see, as there is a huge number of beaches, waterfalls and fantastic species.

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