Where to go on an excursion in Barcelona and what is better to see with the guide?

Barcelona – Ancient city in Spain, based before our era, center of Catalonia. View at least part of the attractions in the old town, Gothic quarter, on the Montjuic hill, in the center, seaside part and other districts on its own very difficult. Perfect dating with Barcelona – These are excursions with the our guide.

With a tour of Montzhik Mountain

Montjica – This is a 173-meter mountain, which is seen from the central and seaside part of Barcelona. Climb to the year you can use the public bus, funicular and cable car to the waterfront near the Aquarium. Bus route towards Montjuic passes through the picturesque neighborhoods of Barcelona, ​​and the guide support will help to get acquainted with the most interesting pages of history of the city.

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On the mountain of Montjuïc broken parks that attract birds and exotic plants, towering tower, striking evening illuminated Magic Fountain. The excursion can include a visit to the National Museum of Art of Catalonia or the 17th-century fortress, visit the Olympic facilities, built in 1992, the architectural complex of a walk «Spanish village».


Tibidabo – This 512-meter-high mountain in the composition kolserolskogo array, the highest mountain of Barcelona. On Tibidabo, you can get to the old «blue tram», Dispatched from the city center, arrives at the cable car station at the foot of the mountain. The slow journey through the tram line around 1300 meters and the cable car line length 1,130 meters in length allows you to see the central part of the city. our tour guide will meet with Barcelona with a bird’s-eye view and navigate in a park of more than 70 km².

On Tibidabo you can climb to the observation deck and a day of fun at one of the world’s oldest amusement park. Ferris wheel and carousel, extreme entertainment and themed children’s play areas, as well as cafes and restaurants, rest in the barbecue area – 6-levels and Tibidabo each small and adult guest will receive an unforgettable experience.

Guide to Barcelona Gaudi

Tourists from all over the world are eager to Barcelona to see the works of the great architect Antoni Gaudí. To get acquainted with all the masterpieces, you will need a whole day, and the our-speaking guide will help rationally build a route, book tickets for a certain time in advance, recommend spaces for the purchase of souvenirs and a gastronomic holiday in the best cafes.

Tourists from all over the world seek Barcelona to see the creations of the great architect Antonio Gaudi. To get acquainted with all the masterpieces, you will need a whole day, and the our-speaking guide will help rationally build a route, book tickets for a certain time in advance, recommend spaces for the purchase of souvenirs and a gastronomic holiday in the best cafes.

Where to go on an excursion to Barcelona and what is better to look with the guide to tourism articles from the tourism

Usually, at a review tour of Barcelona, ​​guests have the opportunity to see only a few works of the Master in the style of Catalan Modern. In fact, Gaudi project buildings are quite a lot:

  1. Vincen House, designed for the host of the ceramics plant, for the first time in the history of the city, decorated with colored ceramic tiles, columns, asymmetric balcs, minarets turrets;
  2. The Residence of the Gulea in the Gothic Quarter, recognizable by parabolic arches, ceramic and forged elements, a combination of symmetry and asymmetry in the lines of the gates, windows, decor, interior decoration elements;
  3. The building of the monastery school of the Order of St. Teresa, combining the features of the fortress and the Gothic Cathedral;
  4. The house is Calvet, recognizable according to the characteristic balconies of the futuristic form, the decorations of the facade and the frontoths;
  5. Tower of bellyguard, distinguished by bright window stained glass windows, forged details of the facade;
  6. The house of the Balo, coated with a mosaic pattern, striking asymmetric windows and balconies of different quantities;
  7. Building El Capriccho, decorated with images of sunflowers and stained beds;
  8. House Mila with a wavy facade and zone for walking on the fancy curved roof with fantastic decorations hiding the chimney system.

Architecture Gaudi – This is an attempt to reflect wildlife lines with stone and other building materials. Most of the Gaudi buildings (Guleel Palace, Calvet House, Mila, El Capriccho) can be inspecting outside, and from the inside, to see the interiors, as well as the squares adjacent to buildings.

Park Guell

Creating a unique appearance of Guell’s estate, Gaudi got the opportunity to work on the project of buildings and a park as a single complex. Here you can see futuristic buildings, a dragon gate, a hall with columns, a reproducing forest of century trees, bizarre stairs. In Park Guell Light columns repeat the outlines of the growing palm trees.

In Park Guell and the Cathedral of the Holy Family, a single ticket is sold, but the time of visits must be determined and booking in advance.

Sagrada Family

Church of the Holy Family laid in 1982., continues to be built today by Project Antonio Gaudi. Construction completion is scheduled for 2026. – The 100th anniversary of the death of the architect buried in the walls of his last masterpiece. All building with its spiers and sculptural images – This is a glorification of the ideas of Christianity in the stone, the expression of Gaudi’s look at the relationship between a person with nature and God.

Cathedral of the Holy Family At any time of the day, you can see outside, and tickets for visiting the internal space and lifting one of the towers from the observation platform should be purchased in advance via the Internet, at the checkout or with a guide.

Montserrat: Monastery on Mount

The amazing appearance of Montserrat Mountain, located just 50 kilometers from the capital of Catalonia, unique. The very name of the mountain is translated as «Solded», And each peak has a name associated with biblical plots. Montserrat height – More than 1,200 meters, the world famous monastery is located at 725-meters altitude.

Matching the journey to Mount Montserrat on the serpentine road, rise on the crevolar or cable car, and then on the funicular, walks along several routes to the caves. Climbing the mountain from the foot to the highest point can be made on foot, while useing guide or instructor services.

Montserrat – This is the monastery of the Order of St. Benedict, the foundation of which dates back to the 9th century. The monastery itself attracts connoisseurs of architecture, connoisseurs of the history of Spain and pilgrims, seeking to bow down the Holy Virgin Montserrat. The cathedral was built and consecrated at the end of the 16th century, but almost entirely destroyed during Napoleonic wars and completely restored only in the middle of the 20th century. From the point of view of architectural, the Cathedral of Montserrat is of interest because it combines elements peculiar to the Gothic style, the traditions of the Renaissance and modernist ideas. The altar part in which the image of the Holy Virgin Montserratskaya, dated by the 12th century, was designed with the participation of Antonio Gaudi.

Daily in the cathedral can be visited in the day service, listen to the singing of the choir of boys. Also on the territory of the Cathedral, it is necessary to go to the museum in which the collections of Orthodox icons are presented, the sculptural images of the Virgin Mary and other saints, archaeological finds, vintage books, scenic works. Here you can see the work of Caravaggio, El Greco, Picasso, Dali. Daily on the territory of the Cathedral there is a fair on which it is necessary to get acquainted with unique local alcoholic drinks, cheeses, sweets, delicious meat products – Everything can be tried and purchased.

Planning a trip to Barcelona, ​​it is worth ordering excursions in our: bus, pedestrian, on an individual car. Traveling with the guide today helps save time and money, open and love «my» Barcelona.

Where to go on an excursion to Barcelona and what is better to look with the guide to tourism articles from the tourism

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