Where to go on a trip by car on weekends or short vacation?

Many people prefer to relax using their vehicle. This is a very convenient option for those who like to change the situation literally for several days.

What is important to know when traveling on a personal vehicle?

  1. Additional expenses

This category includes paid parking, souvenirs and various excursions, as well as housing.

2. Saving time or vivid impressions

This is the fact that if you are planning to travel around Russia, it may require a large amount of time loss. As a rule, people use paid and high-speed highways for which you can quickly reach a certain place. It is best to choose this option when you will be found on the road. Cute cities will be found, where you can enjoy the sights, but it will take a certain time.

3. Decide with the place of bed

It is impossible to be in the way a long amount of time, so you need to decide where you will spend the night and book housing. It is best to deal with this issue in advance.

3. Food during the road

It is very important to build a route in such a way that on the way you came across various establishments, where you can park with ease and delicious snack. This especially applies to those who travel with a child.

Where to go on a trip by car on weekends or short vacation

List of rest routes

gold ring

If you suddenly decide to travel around the Golden Ring of Russia, then you can enjoy nature and our ancient. Traveling around the Golden Ring is the best direction where you can go with your children by car. The Golden Ring of Russia includes such cities: Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov Great, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Suzdal, Uglich, Vladimir and Gus-Crystal.


This place will allow you to see the gorgeous coast and relax on the Black Sea. Since the journey involves the use of a vehicle, it is best to build a route through Alushta, Feodosia and Sudak.

If you go to Crimea by Kerch Bridge, then you can enjoy natural beauties and see unique Crimean facilities. It is also important to take into account the fact that most often the route is built through the mountains where there are no refills.

It is also important to travel to the Crimea with stops, otherwise you miss a lot of interesting things.

Krasnodar region

This place is also an excellent option for those who love to travel by car. For five days you can drive around almost all the sights, and at the same time you can call Abkhazia and enjoy the beauty of this place.

Where to go on a trip by car on weekends or short vacation

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