Where to go in Yekaterinburg?

Yekaterinburg – the third largest city in Russia. In addition, it is the largest city with a big story. The history of the Romanov family has been kept here, gold mined, the tanks were designed, and the first locomotive was assembled. And the nature of this wonderful city just fascinates.

Rest at nature

Lake Tavatuy. In the lake there is always cold, but crystal clear water, since Spring beats from under it. The lake is surrounded by green forest arrays, the Ural Mountains can be seen away.

Near the lake there is a boarding house, so you can always spare.

Another perfect place where you can relax in the nature of the whole soul &# 8211; Talkov Stone. Unique in kind. This is not just a flooded quarry, which is part of a natural park – is a big city of nature. Here you can see how the beavers build their home, how to jump on the branches of proteins, and in the bushes are hiding long-haired gray hares. Park has a large area with many interesting places. Near the career you can always smash the tent, as well as to arrange a picnic. On the park a lot of arbors, which is perfect for recreation of a large company.

One of the interesting and beautiful places of Yekaterinburg – Mountains and rocks. All lovers of such natural location must be visited by the famous landmark as Damn settlement.
Nature has created an array of cliffs of an unusual form. Although their height is small, about 6 m, but they have a majestic appearance and often compare with dragon teeth.

This place is popular among lovers of outdoor activities.


In Yekaterinburg, many temples in which it is necessary to visit.

Place with the present history of the royal family – Ganina Yama. It is built near the very place where the Romanov family was shot. On the territory of the monastery beautifully at any time of the year. Flowering flower beds in summer, snow-covered courtyards in winter. There is a museum with many exhibits that are mainly devoted to the history of the Romanov family.

Another temple that is worth visiting is Temple on blood. It is almost in the heart of Yekaterinburg. It is considered a sacred place and the main religious attraction.

Another temple – Novotikhvinsky abode. This female monastery arose immediately after the founding of Yekaterinburg. The cathedral is striking with its beauty and simply inspires its inner decoration. But besides inner beauty, spirituality, peace, happiness and delight. This monastery with a rich, age-old story.


Near the city of Yekaterinburg is one of the best museums of military equipment. Here are the exhibits of military and modern aircraft, tanks, ships, trains. The museum has a fairly large territory. Many and exclusive exhibits that are exhibited both on the street and in the indoors.

Next to the Museum of Military Equipment, you can visit Museum of automotive technology. It presents the most different vehicle exhibits. The museum is considered the largest exhibition center in Russia. There are more than 200 exhibits, including motorcycles and bicycles.

Interesting and unusual place – Park Galileo. In the park it is interesting to visit the children, you can learn and see a lot of interesting and unusual. Not only informative exhibits are exhibited in the museum: robots, labyrinths, but you can see how aliens look like. If you want extraordinary miracles, you must visit Galileo Park.

Where to go in Yekaterinburg

List of interesting seats

Still interesting to look:

  1. Vysotsky Museum.
  2. White Tower.
  1. Museum of the History of Yekaterinburg.
  2. Museum of Stone.
  1. Museum of Radio Popov.
  2. Museum of Nature.
  3. House Matekova.
  1. Ernst Unknown Exhibition Center.
  2. Butterfly Park.
  3. House Sevastyanova.
  1. Circus Yekaterinburg.
  2. Geological Museum.

Arriving in Yekaterinburg, on vacation or on weekends, you can visit interesting places, relax in nature and learn a lot of new.

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