Where to go in the summer at sea in 2021?

Countries such as: Turkey, Tunisia, Montenegro, Italy, Greece, Vietnam, Cyprus, Spain, Thailand and Abkhazia are popular for recreation. It is not surprising, as these countries are characterized by the fact that they have a very long bathing season. The most important thing is to follow the news, since entry into some countries can be closed, then open.


Tunisia is also famous for the fact that you can find Hotel at reasonable prices And while all included. Air temperature in Tunisia reaches 35 °, which is comfortable for staying on the beach and swimming in the sea. In the summer in Tunisia, you can get impressions of beautiful beaches and historical sights. In general, this country is suitable for both friends and family holidays.


If you do not plan to stay in Thailand for a long time, then you need to know that in Thailand you can stay longer than a month, since The visa is not needed there. Best go to Thailand from November to February, Since there is excellent weather. And if you want to relax in the summer, it is best to go there until August.

In Thailand, a lot of luxurious palaces, unusual food, and local people will meet you friendly and friendly. Common language can be found almost with anyone if you know English at the level of the first grader.


This place attracts tourists to its ecology and calm atmosphere. It is best to visit Montenegro in the period July to August, as the sea will be very warm and comfortable for swimming. And also in this wonderful place there are many different entertainment, which will give up every person. In Montenegro, a large number of water parks, various institutions where you can relax with your family and distract from extra thoughts.

Where to go in the summer at sea in 2021


This place is incredibly beautiful according to tourists. And also in Vietnam there are many corners where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Therefore, after visiting this country, you will be left under a good impression.


This is an excellent choice if you want to stay relaxing next to gorgeous beaches. There is Special attractions, Such as: Sugar Desert, Mosque, Museums and Citadel. Daily temperature indicators are achieved in the summer of 30 °, so on the beach can be resting fully and enjoy warm water. And Morocco is famous for the variety of markets, where you can arrange a good shopping.

In these countries, you can relax both in the circle of friends and with your family. For children will be interesting Vietnam, Montenegro and Tunisia.

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